November 24, 2022

Hanukkah Surprise Pack Giveaway

We’re excited to be launching our 2nd Annual 8-Night Hanukkah Surprise Pack giveaway on Thursday, November 8th. To participate, just sign up at

For each day of the drawing (scheduled from now until Sunday, December 2nd), we’ll choose someone’s name at random (in fact, does the actual choosing for us) and send a surprise pack full of goodies pulled from our five Hanukkah products.

Why surprise packs? I’ve always love them myself — so I decided to borrow the idea for you.

Last year, I also “met” the most wonderful people through the giveaway, including a super supportive Rabbi in Washington State, a knitter of truly beautiful yarns, a Mom who found us through, and others. I look forward to making more connections this year.

 Hanukkah Bingo is a Blast!

Congrats to Nicole E, winner of the first  Hanukkah Surprise Pack!

One thing she gets is our Hanukkah Bingo Game for 4 players – super popular with the 5- to 9-year-old set. The laminated cards will last for years.  (Available in Hanukkah in a Box and Hanukkah Games Box.)  Just 7 nights left to enter.  Sign up for free holiday ideas at to be entered in our random drawing.

When our girls were little, I made a Hanukkah Bingo game out of shirt cardboards. Anyone remember shirt cardboards?! Anyway, they hauled out that game year after year, inviting their friends – Jewish and not Jewish – to play.

This version of Hanukkah Bingo is a lot prettier and a lot sturdier.  Enjoy, Nicole!

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