Hanukkah CD Tutorial


Are you unsure of yourself or embarrassed when it's time to sing the Hanukkah blessings?  

We created this tutorial for you, including:

  • Terminology -- the key Hanukkah terms
  • Blessings Overview  -- so you understand what the blessings mean
  • Blessings Practice -- to teach you, word by word, how to pronounce the three key blessings
  • Melodies -- so you can hear how beautiful these blessings are 

We also include gloss-coated, long-lasting sheets with Hanukkah Blessings, Candle-Lighting Tips, and Hanukkah Songs.

Get the confidence you need to participate fully in celebrations in your home, with other families and at synagogue.

Learn in the privacy of your home – whenever it’s convenient for you. Never be embarrassed again.