Music Sets the Mood

I have huge respect for the power of music to set a mood, a tone, a feel.   When I’m working,  I make the choice of what to listen to — from Meatloaf to  classical to Songs of the Sabras — depending on what I “need” at the time.

So when I saw Cantor Alane Katzew’s post on the URJ site, Entering into a Shabbesdik Mood with Melodies, I knew I’d love it.

Her intro line:  “There are so many ways to transition in life. ”

I have wonderful memories from when I was a young child of eating in the dining room on Friday nights, with a white tablecloth, candles, challah, nice meal. Then, after everyone dispersed, I would sit on the floor next to the stereo in the dining room and play three favorite Israeli records, until I fell asleep.  We had one of those swinging doors between the kitchen and the dining room that I would open, creating my own private nook between the door and the stereo.  Of course, everyone else in the house could hear the music, but I had a personal, meaningful concert.   What a perfect way to transition to Shabbat!

What music is especially meaningful to you?

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