November 9, 2022

Sunday Schools

I have substituted in Sunday school classrooms many times over the years. What heroes you are, you Sunday school teachers! When I taught in college, discipline was never an issue. How ill-equipped I was at grabbing the attention of third-, fourth- and fifth-graders who never hesitated to make it clear they didn’t want to be there.

Engage students The more I was able to keep the students engaged – through interactive projects and lively discussions – the more successful the class was. Our kits lend a major helping hand.

Empower parents  Do you provide parent education workshops about each holiday? The kits will help empower parents to bring the festivities to life in their own homes.

And while it might be ideal to be able to offer these workshops, we all know that small congregations, especially, are short-handed.  So it’s hard to organize extra learning sessions.

As an alternative, invite parents to meet in an empty room and use the time while they’re waiting for their children to talk about the holidays, thanks to the support in the kits.

They can experiment with playing Hanukkah bingo and dreidel, for example, so that they’re experts by the time they teach their children.  They can discuss tips and techniques that have worked for them — and bring up challenges they’ve had.

Or just share our link with the parents of your students. That way they can order their own holiday kits – including the CD tutorials, and subscribe to Simply Celebrating!, our free e-newsletter.

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