November 9, 2022

Bubbies and Zaydies

Sharing the holidays — wherever you live

Are you looking for tools to make Jewish holiday celebrations easier? Our holiday kits fit the bill.

You can play the games and do the activities with the grandchildren. While you’re playing, you can tell them stories of what it was like to celebrate these holidays when you were young.

And even if you can only get together by phone, the kits provide topics you can talk about. Did you create a paper chain to hang around the house for Hanukkah?  What costume are you putting together for Purim this year? Have you thought of the decorations you want to make for Sukkot?

There is no sweeter memory for me than going to my grandparents’ home for my zaydie’s amazing roasted chicken and potatoes — the potatoes crispy and brown on the outside, tender on the inside.   The smells.  The love.  The laughter.  Nothing like it in the world!