What You Said About Hamentaschen

Purim graggers while reading Megillat EstherOur survey was entirely unscientific, but here’s what you said about Purim. Enjoy!

What struck me was that, for families, the power of Purim is in the invitation to have raucous, laughing, celebratory fun – whether it’s parading as Queen Esther or listening to the Megillah (with graggers drowning out Haman’s name) or planning costumes.

  1. Hamentaschen preferences

    • Poppyseed (mohn) – 38.46% (still my fave, too!)
    • Prune – 15.38%
    • Chocolate – 7.69%
    • Jelly/jam – 30.77%
    • Nutella – 23.08%
    • Savory – 7.69%
    • Other
      1. Apricot/raspberry
      2. Apricot


  1. Do you roll out your dough or make little balls and press them down with the heel of your hand?

    • Use a rolling pin – 58.33%
    • Make little balls - 41.67%
    • Other: “Normally, I buy them!!”


  1. If you were to try a new kind of hamentaschen that you’ve never had before, what would it be?

    • Savory – like sweet potato – 44.4%
    • Savory – like French onion – 0%
    • Mint chocolate chip – 22.22%
    • Peanut butter – 44.44%
    • Sweet wine – 0%
    • Other:
      1. Mango
      2. Chocolate
      3. I don’t really like them


  1. If you make shalach manot baskets, what else do you include (other than hamentaschen)?

    1. Candies – 40%
    2. Fudge – 10%
    3. Nuts – 30%
    4. Dried fruit – 30%
    5. Fresh fruit – 50%
    6. Other
      1. Gragger
      2. Card
      3. Organic fruit & “healthy” packaged snacks


  1. What else about Purim is special for you? (selected responses)

    1. I just love that the children dress up and really participate in the holiday.
    2. I love the shpiel! Every year!
    3. Memories of dressing up and parading around like Queen Esther!
    4. The megillah reading when kids and adults are in the same service.
    5. Reading the scroll with lots of members together.
    6. FOOD!!
    7. I host a costume party the Saturday night before the Purim shpiel, so it feels like a long holiday rather than just the shpiel/carnival at Sunday school.
    8. Everything
    9. Costumes

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