Meet Judaica Artists Adaya and Michal Golan

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The Judaica art world is a stunning and diverse place, including the work of such accomplished artists as Adaya and Michal Golan. Both are designers of unique jewelry, ornate with colorful stones and heavily inspired by traditional art.

Maya + Dina = Adaya

Adaya is the name of a collaborative two-sister team, artists Maya Reiten and Dina Twaig. Every piece of jewelry they create is crafted by hand in their Tel Aviv studio, with an artistry respected around the world.

Combining the influences of Art Nouveau and the ancient world, Adaya’s jewelry sparkles with glass beads, enamel, and Swarovski crystals.

Many of their pieces incorporate the Hamsa, a traditional Middle Eastern hand-shaped symbol, considered a charm for divine protection. This, together with the Star of David, often appears on Adaya pendants, easily recognized by the rounded curves and rows of colorful beads that line the perimeter. A large crystal is often placed at the center of a pendant, adding a bright focal point to the complicated design.

Byzantine and Middle Eastern Influences

Michal Golan is a New York-based Israeli artist who crafts jewelry influenced by Byzantine and Middle Eastern art, as well as that of the Victorian era.

A well-known figure in the international jewelry world, her work combines Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and glass for a look like none other.

Unlike Adaya’s stone-dominated jewelry, Golan’s art gives the metal between the stones a place of greater prominence. Her gold and silver bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings feature a wide range of symbolism, with not only the Hamsa and Star of David represented, but hearts, plant shapes, Hebrew characters, and the Evil Eye as well.

Unlike many jewelers, her work extends beyond the usual body jewelry to include ornate Menorahs and Mezuzahs as well.

The Jewish jewelry of both Adaya and Michal Golan makes valuable contributions to the realm of Jewish art, enriching the lives of those who love traditional symbolism and colorful accents all over the world.

Who are your favorite Judaica jewelry designers?


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