Shabbat In a Mason Jar

New way to celebrate Jewishly

With huge thanks to Alissa Mroz for this wonderful post about Shabbat in a Mason Jar.  When I read about the project, I was so intrigued, I asked her to share the concept with us. Thanks, Alissa! Alissa Mroz is on the volunteer leadership team of "The Porch," a young adults and young families Jewish group through Temple Beth El. As a Southern Jew, she likes fried chicken for Shabbat dinner! She is a graduate of the Bernstein Leadership Group and remains active in Charlotte's Jewish community. Think Outside the Box and Inside a Mason Jar! In the South, we are all about the Mason jar!  At … [Read more...]

Tzedakah Box for Shabbat

What do young adults want to help them celebrate Shabbat? According to a recent survey: Kiddush cups. Not what was expected. Hearing about this survey, Jewish studies high school teacher Sophie Rapoport said, “It’s a good reminder for us that physical objects matter; they carry memories and stories.” I agree. When I set the Seder table with the fading Afikomen cover, tie-dyed by our daughter long ago, we see the little girl who first brought it home with pride – and remember past celebrations with joy. Tzedakah box collects coins and memories So when I searched for a new tzedakah box, … [Read more...]