Tu B’Shevat – Celebrate Trees

Ready for a celebration that enlivens the winter?  Tu B’Shevat is a one-day holiday, often called "The New Year for the Trees," that starts this year at sunset on January 24th. In brief, this holiday celebrates the season when the sap begins to rise in trees in Israel, like almond trees. But if it’s freezing cold where you live, and your trees are covered with snow,  you can give a very simple nod to the holiday in your home by adding some of the fruits and nuts that grow in Israel to your dinner table – like grapes, figs, olives, dates, pomegranates, and almonds. Stewards of our … [Read more...]

Tu B’Shevat. Winter Celebration.

I knew that the 2013 Jewish calendar was unusual.  And that the holidays would be coming especially early. Then I read Rabbi Jason Miller’s piece, wrapping some specifics around this notion:  "The Jewish calendar situation this year is unique. In fact, it has not occurred since 1899 and will only occur once more. Ever. And that won't be until the year 2089." When the sap begins to rise So I shouldn’t have been surprised to know that Tu B’Shevat starts at sundown, Friday, January 25th.  In a nutshell (there’s a pun in there!), Tu B’Shevat marks when the sap begins to rise in trees in … [Read more...]