The Dot – #JewishBookFun4Kids – #6

Rosh Hashanah art can begin with dots!

The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds, was a discovery for me that sparked an instant passion. Thanks to our reading specialist daughter, Laura Pajor, for knowing that I’d totally groove on the idea. And I’ve been saving it to share until before Rosh Hashanah, because there’s a great tie-in with the holiday. In this story, little Vashti was sitting glumly in art class, with a blank sheet of paper in front of her. She was sure that she could not draw. At first, her teacher tried to jolly her along. Then she said something that made all the difference: “Just make a mark and see where it … [Read more...]

Playing Games Brings Families Closer

My husband comes from serious games-playing people. On my first visit there, we played no-holds-barred contract gin. Coming from my small, quiet family, I found it overwhelming. But I liked it. So when we had children, it seemed natural to incorporate family games from a very young age. Our version of contract gin was more restrained. We take turns. We do not slap at the cards. But we are very serious and competitive, through the laughter and loud music. When our girls were young elementary school age, I sketched out our first version of Hanukkah Bingo onto pieces of cardboard. As … [Read more...]