Passover Seder – How to Engage Your Kids

"As we played the game, I noticed that the kids seemed to be more attentive and asked more questions than they usually do. My youngest, in particular, struggles with reading and is much more of a visual learner, so the game was definitely a hit." Thank you,, for this wonderful review of our Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along. We are delighted that your experience is exactly the reason we created the game! In our free e-book, “Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder,” we have lots of ideas about … [Read more...]

Last-Minute Ways to Get Ready for Seder

Seder Plate

Are you hosting the Seder this year – but you haven’t planned it yet? Don’t panic. If you’re looking for easy how-to guidance, grab a copy of our instantly downloadable  Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder.  You'll get a Seder shopping list, how to set the Seder table, and lots, lots more! Plus, you get two audio tutorials, with a pronunciation guide. Passover 2016 is from sunset, Friday, April 22 through nightfall, Saturday, April 30 And if you want to customize your Seder, but need ideas that are super fast? Look at these for inspiration - then choose from your family's … [Read more...]

Passover Steps – Walking Through the Haggadah

Did you ever attend a Seder, waiting for your turn to read, wondering where you were in the journey through the Haggadah – and when it would be time for dinner? Some of you know my story and the beginnings of Jewish Holidays in a Box. I was leaning on the kitchen counter peeling carrots on the morning of our Seder when I had an AHA moment. The Haggadahs (the booklets that take you through the Seder step-by-step) we’d been using for years weren’t kid-friendly. And they didn’t truly tell the story of Passover, with its wonderful drama and symbolism. At the time, our girls were 6 and … [Read more...]

Still Time to Add Seder Fun

If you’re hosting the first or second Seder this year, there’s still time to add some fun bits.  Want to spice things up and get more participation, but only have about 15 minutes to spare? Try these easy tweaks to the traditional. #1 Add Seder songs Most traditional Haggadot will include plenty of Seder songs. But if you want to add a few songs written in English to popular tunes so that all of your guests can participate, try these: Ballad of the Four Sons sung to the tune of “Clementine”  A Passover Song sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” (there are 16 song options in this … [Read more...]

How to Plan Your Seder Around 15 Steps

Are you hosting your family’s Seder this year? If so, are you panicking ?  Please, no panicking. Whether you’re new to putting on a Seder or you’ve done it for years, we can provide some tips and techniques. If people volunteer to bring dishes -- and there isn't a concern about kashrut (keeping kosher) -- they will feel good to be able to help. Many people like to bring their personal family favorites to share -- and it makes them feel good to bring Bubbe's special potato kugel. Or, if you have non-cooks who still want to help, they can bring wine, beautiful strawberries, or … [Read more...]