Hanukkah Fun Buys

Looking to jazz up your home for Hanukkah? Here are a few pieces of Judaica that make me smile. The first candle of Hanukkah is Saturday, December 24th. Pop Art Dreidels  I discovered Rabbi Yitzchok Moully’s pop art collection at a recent URJ convention. What struck me immediately is the strong use of bold, vibrant colors. Several of the pieces are specifically holiday-themed, including the dreidel art (with a stack of gelt in the lower right-hand corner), hamentashen art (with one bagel half in the lower right-hand corner!), and apple art (with honey in the lower right-hand … [Read more...]

How Do You Celebrate Hanukkah?

Hanukkah party-in-a-box

Just had a great question - why don't you create a Hanukkah box for parents who go into their children's public school classrooms to explain the holiday. Hmm. I realized that our Hanukkah Helper Box is perfect for that (though, honestly, I hadn't thought of that when we developed the concept). You get a menorah that you can let all the kids handle (it won't break if it's dropped), a whole box of candles so everyone can look at them up close, gelt, dreidels, a brief explanation of the holiday, plus blessings and song sheets. For classes where you can be interactive, the recipe for … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Core Concept – Oil

Potato Latkes - Crispy and Delicious!

Congrats to Angela W., winner of night five in our Hanukkah Surprise Pack. One of the surprises in Liora’s pack is a 2-sided laminated card with Hanukkah Songs. Reusable year after year to help remind everyone of the key Hanukkah songs to sing after you light the candles.  (Available in Hanukkah Helper Box, Hanukkah in a Box, and Hanukkah CD Tutorial.) We mentioned previously the three key Hanukkah concepts that we think are good starting points to discuss with young children: light, miracle, and oil. Here are links to posts about light and miracle.  One small jug of oil  When you … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Core Concept – LIGHT

Lighting the menorah

Congrats to Jennifer K,  winner of the second Hanukkah Surprise Pack! One thing she gets is a laminated card with Hanukkah Blessings and candle-lighting tips. Hold onto this quick-reference card for years. Never have to wonder again which way to load the candles (left to right? right to left?) (Available in Hanukkah Helper Box, Hanukkah in a Box and Hanukkah CD Tutorial.)  Still 6 nights to enter – just sign up at www.JewishHolidaysInABox.com.   Light - Where to start with young children We recommend three key Hanukkah concepts that are good as starting points with young children: … [Read more...]

Easy Hanukkah Centerpiece

When I saw a reporter query today asking for ideas on how to create easy Thanksgiving and Christmas centerpieces, I thought we should provide some thoughts about how to create easy Hanukkah centerpieces, too. We'll offer some suggestions in our next free e-newsletter, Simply Celebrating!  Sign up now to make sure you're on the list! And send your suggestions, too! … [Read more...]