Hanukkah Gift of Music For You

box of Hanukkah games

Wow! Rabbi Judy Caplan Ginsburgh is offering us the special Hanukkah present of a 50% discount on her lovely CD, “Boker Tov, Laila Tov.” Translation: Good Morning, Good Night. With 19 favorite Hebrew, English and Yiddish songs for families, the CD features a host of upbeat, playtime, energizing songs, like Kum Bachur Atzayl (Wake Up, Lazy Boy), and softer, slower songs, including a truly beautiful version of Shalom Rav. The insert includes the words, which I find incredibly helpful. My faves? An upbeat version of Bim Bam (Shabbat welcome song), Hokey Pokey Hebrew Style (I think my … [Read more...]

The Power of Music

We'll talk a lot in this blog and in our kits about the power of melody to build shared memories.  So we will provide ideas for how to bring synagogue and Israeli folk music into your homes. For starters, listen to this version of Oseh Shalom by Debbie Friedman, z'"l.  It will make you want to get up and dance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scbPrzCicLk … [Read more...]

Singing Is Like Flying

I admit it -- I can't stand still when music moves me.  Sometimes, I even try to stop tapping my foot or swaying . . . and I just can't. For everyone who feels that way, you might enjoy this article written by Aya Betsensky, who says, "for me sing­ing in a service is like flying--a soaring that aspires to the heavens." http://blogs.rj.org/reform/201​1/07/finding-my-neshamas-voice​.html Finding My Neshama's Voice - Reform Judaism … [Read more...]