Up to 40% Off Hanukkah Sale

Celebrate Hanukkah

We are launching our biggest sale of the year -- up to 40% off our Hanukkah gifts & games!   Everything in the store is on sale! When you're making your list, don't forget:  Presents for the grandkids, including kids away at college or in their 20s  Hanukkah Games Boxes as gifts to the host of the parties you're going to Hanukkah Boxes if you're traveling to spend time with family - they'll love playing Hanukkah Bingo and Dreidel, too!  Hanukkah Thank you notes -- to help your children understand the concept of gratitude One teacher told me she used our … [Read more...]

How Do You Celebrate Hanukkah?

Hanukkah party-in-a-box

Just had a great question - why don't you create a Hanukkah box for parents who go into their children's public school classrooms to explain the holiday. Hmm. I realized that our Hanukkah Helper Box is perfect for that (though, honestly, I hadn't thought of that when we developed the concept). You get a menorah that you can let all the kids handle (it won't break if it's dropped), a whole box of candles so everyone can look at them up close, gelt, dreidels, a brief explanation of the holiday, plus blessings and song sheets. For classes where you can be interactive, the recipe for … [Read more...]