Sukkot – “Excuse for a 7-Day Picnic”

Sukkot harvest

“Sukkot is an opportunity and excuse for a seven-day picnic.” – Anita Diamant [Here’s one of our favorite blog posts from the past, edited for 2015] If you’re a nature lover, the holiday of Sukkot is tailor-made for you. And because the festival lasts from sunset on Sunday, September 27 through nightfall Sunday, October 4, you have lots of time to celebrate. During this annual harvest festival, we sometimes eat meals – and even sleep – in temporary outdoor structures called “sukkot” (singular: sukkah). What if you don’t have a traditional sukkah? No worries. There are still lots … [Read more...]

No Sukkah? No Worries.

Donate a portion of your garden's vegetables to a local food pantry.

Huge thanks to Jane Larkin for this wonderful post! See her bio below.  Judaism is filled with many rituals and symbols that connect us to Jewish life past and present. But while beautiful, these traditions can also hinder our observance by making an absence of the right “equipment” an easy excuse for not celebrating certain holidays. Sukkot is one celebration that falls into this category. It’s joyous and fun. It’s also important. We’re commanded by the Torah to celebrate it. But many non-Orthodox Jews don’t because there are significant “barriers to entry.” Most homes don’t own a … [Read more...]