Two Memorable DIY Hanukkah Gifts

Make a personalized calendar as a DIY Hanukkah gift

At his 5-year-old birthday, Jake shared with us that he did not love getting clothes as presents. Duly noted. So when we bought him and his brother back-to-school clothes, I promised that their Hanukkah gifts would not be mostly clothes! Make a personalized calendar Of course, toys are high on their wish lists, especially as they get older and know what Sam and Ben and their other buddies have at home. But our boys also love the photographic calendars I make for them. They make the perfect Hanukkah presents – because they last all year, they’re unique, and they help with reading, … [Read more...]

Hanukkah DIY Gift – Family Recipe Keepsake

When our 10-year-old nephew stayed with us, we got to see so many new sides of him, including his love of cooking. He was happy as a clam making and decorating Hanukkah cookies with me. Level 1 – the minimal approach So after his visit, I made up a quickie cookbook for him of easy recipes that he could make for himself at home with little or no adult help. For this, I took the most basic approach: I typed up 10 recipes, put one on each page, added some borders, printed on pale blue paper, stapled, and sent it to him. If this is all you have time for, don’t dismiss it as too rudimentary. … [Read more...]

What Do You Look for in Children’s Books?

With Hanukkah around the corner, I start thinking about little gifts for our grands – which always include some books. I picked up two at our town’s charming independent bookstore, where the covers seemed to shout “pick me, pick me!” For our little guy, I got Ball by Mary Sullivan, a Theodore Geisel Honor Book. It’s got one word. Yes, you guessed it! The illustrations carry the story of the dog who yearns for someone to toss the ball for him – and gets creative when he can’t find a buddy to help him out. For our older toddler, I got Who’s Next Door? by Mayuko Kishira, illustrated by … [Read more...]

Final Pre-Hanukkah Sales on Hanukkah Gifts – Special Weekend Edition

Are you all set for Hanukkah? I am so *not* set. Why do I wait so long? I’m privileged to order gifts for my mother’s great grandkids. And she’s blessed with many of them. I’ve gotta finish this weekend! Final pre-Hanukkah markdowns on games and kits In case you’re in the same boat, I wanted to share our final pre-Hanukkah markdowns. Some quantities are limited – so check ‘em out right away on (Prime members get fast, free shipping!) New markdown! Hanukkah in a Box Family Fun Kit – 35% off  through 11/28. Regular price: $35.15 Sale price: $22.85 New markdown! Hanukkah … [Read more...]

A Loaf Under Each Arm

Hanukkah games, Chanukah games

“How are you today?” I asked my friend Henry. With a twinkle in his gray eyes, he replied, “As my father would say, ‘I've got a loaf under each arm.’” This old-world expression speaks to the feeling of plenty, of gratitude, and of simply having enough to eat.   Week #1 Hanukkah Special: Hanukkah Bingo Game! 20% off. 1 week only! October 3 - October 9.  Honoring my father My father, z’l, used to ask me every Sunday when I was in college, “Are you getting enough to eat?” He was concerned because he often went hungry when he was in school in the “old country.” His life was … [Read more...]