Customize Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Homemade Menorah

Our expanding, diverse family just expanded again. Mazal tov to the newlyweds! So as each Jewish holiday rolls around, I wonder what this huge mix of ages, interests, and backgrounds might enjoy. For the first time at Rosh Hashanah dinner, for example, we used Bugles (the salty, crunchy snack food) to pretend that we were blowing the shofar, through a series of tekiahs, shevarims, and teruahs. Everyone at the table, except the baby, played along. One Passover, we wrote new lyrics to a popular tune (“You Are My Sunshine”) as a welcome-to-our-Seder song, then played it on banjo and guitar. … [Read more...]

Easy Hanukkah Centerpiece

When I saw a reporter query today asking for ideas on how to create easy Thanksgiving and Christmas centerpieces, I thought we should provide some thoughts about how to create easy Hanukkah centerpieces, too. We'll offer some suggestions in our next free e-newsletter, Simply Celebrating!  Sign up now to make sure you're on the list! And send your suggestions, too! … [Read more...]