Can I Really Learn Hebrew?

Congrats to Beth G,  winner of night seven of our Hanukkah Surprise Packs! She gets a pack of Hanukkah napkins that instantly shout “celebrate!” Just put these on the table at dinner and voila! It’s a party. (Available in Hanukkah in a Box.) One night left to enter; just sign up at    Yes, you can learn the Hebrew blessings My father, z"l, spoke eight languages. When I was a young child, I heard him practicing reading out loud. Maybe that's when I learned to love the variations in hard and soft sounds of different tongues. He taught me Hebrew, in … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Core Concept – LIGHT

Lighting the menorah

Congrats to Jennifer K,  winner of the second Hanukkah Surprise Pack! One thing she gets is a laminated card with Hanukkah Blessings and candle-lighting tips. Hold onto this quick-reference card for years. Never have to wonder again which way to load the candles (left to right? right to left?) (Available in Hanukkah Helper Box, Hanukkah in a Box and Hanukkah CD Tutorial.)  Still 6 nights to enter – just sign up at   Light - Where to start with young children We recommend three key Hanukkah concepts that are good as starting points with young children: … [Read more...]