From Jewish Holidays In A Box – Thank You!

As 2015 winds down, we hope you have a little time to rest before the new year starts. And we send sincere thanks to you for a great year of sharing thoughts and ideas! Thanks, also, to: Devante with KellysThoughtsOnThings for their kind review of our Hanukkah Bingo Game. Jordan E. Rosenfeld for inviting us to contribute to her piece on called “How to Celebrate Interfaith Holidays.” Lisa Carpenter with Grandmas Briefs for her lovely review of our Hanukkah Bingo Game. for publishing our article, “How I Try to Create Jewish Memories for my … [Read more...]

What Are Your 2014 Hanukkah Stories?

Chanukah Banner

So what happened in your home for Hanukkah? Every year is unique – different people, different gatherings, different moments. For the past three years, we've gotten groups together to make the fun Happy Hanukkah Banner (shown above). This banner had the loving touch and creative inspiration of five different artists. We had a wilder-than-usual Hanukkah party one evening, with lots of laughter and a great deal of running around. On the plus side We discovered: Yes, 2-year-olds can play both dreidel and Hanukkah Bingo and have fun! Yes, 9-year-olds who are brand new to … [Read more...]

A Loaf Under Each Arm

Hanukkah games, Chanukah games

“How are you today?” I asked my friend Henry. With a twinkle in his gray eyes, he replied, “As my father would say, ‘I've got a loaf under each arm.’” This old-world expression speaks to the feeling of plenty, of gratitude, and of simply having enough to eat.   Week #1 Hanukkah Special: Hanukkah Bingo Game! 20% off. 1 week only! October 3 - October 9.  Honoring my father My father, z’l, used to ask me every Sunday when I was in college, “Are you getting enough to eat?” He was concerned because he often went hungry when he was in school in the “old country.” His life was … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Surprise Pack Giveaway

Spinning Dreidels

We’re excited to be launching our 2nd Annual 8-Night Hanukkah Surprise Pack giveaway on Thursday, November 8th. To participate, just sign up at For each day of the drawing (scheduled from now until Sunday, December 2nd), we’ll choose someone’s name at random (in fact, does the actual choosing for us) and send a surprise pack full of goodies pulled from our five Hanukkah products. Why surprise packs? I've always love them myself -- so I decided to borrow the idea for you. Last year, I also “met” the most wonderful people through the giveaway, … [Read more...]