Beyond Hamentaschen for Purim

Wondering what foods you might include in your menu for Purim beyond traditional hamentaschen? First, think savory hamentaschen. Renowned author Leah Koenig gives us hamentaschen recipes with Sweet Potato-Parmesan and tomato-beef fillings. PURIM STARTS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 AND ENDS AT NIGHTFALL ON THURSDAY, MARCH 24 What other food has fillings hidden inside, like hamentaschen? Kreplach. Also three-sided. Also with various fillings – chicken, beef, potato, veggies. Check out the recipe and diagrams from for making kreplach. For a true visual feast to think about sweets more … [Read more...]

Purim Ideas for Fun Celebrations

Purim treats

If you’re a busy parent who wants to celebrate Purim with your kiddoes, but you are short on time (um, probably all of you, right?), check out these posts to choose a few ideas that make sense for you. PURIM STARTS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 AND ENDS AT NIGHTFALL ON THURSDAY, MARCH 24 Start with our Purim Puzzler, to ground yourself in the basics. #1 Hamentaschen in Four Easy Steps This blog teaches my “secret” method to make hamentaschen without rolling pins and special cutters. It’s so easy! #2 Celebrating Purim at Home Celebrate the holiday with a little acting out of parts – and a meal, … [Read more...]

What You Said About Hamentaschen

Purim graggers while reading Megillat Esther

Our survey was entirely unscientific, but here’s what you said about Purim. Enjoy! What struck me was that, for families, the power of Purim is in the invitation to have raucous, laughing, celebratory fun – whether it’s parading as Queen Esther or listening to the Megillah (with graggers drowning out Haman’s name) or planning costumes. Hamentaschen preferences Poppyseed (mohn) – 38.46% (still my fave, too!) Prune – 15.38% Chocolate – 7.69% Jelly/jam – 30.77% Nutella – 23.08% Savory – 7.69% Other Apricot/raspberry Apricot   Do you roll out … [Read more...]