Help! I’ve Never Put on a Passover Seder!

When you think of pulling together a Seder, does the idea of all the work involved stop you in your tracks? If so, get our free downloadable 36-page e-guide called “Celebrate Passover, How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder.” And learn how you can breeze through preparations for, well, a fun, simple Seder. Passover 2017 – Sunset, Monday, April 10 through nightfall, Tuesday, April 18 The guide will lead you through planning and preparation, so that you can create wonderful memories for your children – without spending weeks and months preparing. Here’s what one Mom told us: Ellen Zimmerman’s … [Read more...]

Passover Seder Hosting for Newbies

Passover Seder

                If the idea of hosting a Passover Seder feels overwhelming, stop and take a deep breath. We’ve got some resources that should make it much easier for you – and more fun. Passover 2016 is from sunset on Friday, April 22 through nightfall, Saturday, April 30 Start by imagining what kind of Seder would work for your family. Our family is an interfaith group that has about 45 minutes of Seder in them – not including dinner – before there’s a rebellion. (I lead the Seder. So I watch the body language to get a … [Read more...]

First Time Hosting a Passover Seder?

Does the idea of putting on a Seder overwhelm you? And when you think of a Seder, what comes to mind? What’s your vision of a Seder? On the Orthodox side of my family, both Seders (Sedarim) are multi-hour, joyful gatherings preceded by a month of pre-cleaning and weeks of pre-cooking.  It doesn’t start until after sunset and goes and goes and goes. All the kids chime in with the wonderful things they have learned in their Jewish day schools. That is a sharp contrast to our family. We’re an interfaith group that has about 45 minutes of Seder in them – not including dinner – before … [Read more...]

Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder

Seder planning simplified

Coming up with new twists on our “usual” Seder is great fun for me. I like adding a bluegrass song here. A play there. A few scallions on plates that we use as whips, reinforcing that we are no longer slaves. Regardless of what I change up each year, though, I do a very simple Seder. Because that’s what works with our family. Seder Planning Made Easy If you are looking for ways to help plan an easy Seder, with more joy and less stress, then our new 36-page downloadable guide is for you. It’s called “Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder.” We’re offering the 3-part … [Read more...]