Cooking with Your Kids: Setting a Foundation for Life

To spread awareness about Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month, we invited Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer to write a post about her important book The Kitchen Classroom: 32 Visual GFCF Recipes to Boost Developmental Skills. It even includes recipes for Jewish holidays, including latkes and hamantaschen.  Professional cooking teacher and parent of a son with autism, Gabrielle wrote this book to show parents how to use cooking experiences to help kids needing extra help with sensory integration, motor, language, communication, and attention skills.  By Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer Every parent wants the … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Core Concept – Oil

Potato Latkes - Crispy and Delicious!

Congrats to Angela W., winner of night five in our Hanukkah Surprise Pack. One of the surprises in Liora’s pack is a 2-sided laminated card with Hanukkah Songs. Reusable year after year to help remind everyone of the key Hanukkah songs to sing after you light the candles.  (Available in Hanukkah Helper Box, Hanukkah in a Box, and Hanukkah CD Tutorial.) We mentioned previously the three key Hanukkah concepts that we think are good starting points to discuss with young children: light, miracle, and oil. Here are links to posts about light and miracle.  One small jug of oil  When you … [Read more...]

Kids in the Kitchen

If you've never baked with young children, you're missing an adventure!  I remember baking hamentaschen with the girls in our daughter's Sunday school class.  There was flour everywhere, along with cookie sheet after cookie sheet of inventive treats.  One young lady said, "Mrs. Zimmerman, my mother would never let me make a mess like this!"  I may not be a great baker, but I can facilitate the skills of others! … [Read more...]