Re-imagine a More Joyful Shabbat at Home – Down-to-Earth Ideas for Your Family

Is a tiara part of your Shabbat celebration? It could be. (See* below.) How about pizza? Yup, that, too. We all live such busy lives. What a gift it would be to “use” Shabbat to unplug and be more present with our families! As we move past the High Holidays, and as the darkness falls faster, the twinkling lights of Shabbat candles are more welcome – and welcoming – than ever. “Celebrate Shabbat” e-guide for less than $1 Until the end of October, we are offering our downloadable “Celebrate Shabbat: How to Create Joyful Home Traditions” for just $.99 using code OCTOBERSHABBAT at … [Read more...]

More Shabbat Home Celebrations in 2014

A Shabbat Sign I don’t really spend days seeking signs. But when a sign presents itself . . . In December, I made the commitment to light Shabbat candles more regularly in 2014. I was missing the warmth and the light they shed on our lives – and I was missing the weekly ritual that reminded me of earlier times. Raising our girls. At camp. As a child myself. So when our niece and her hubby gave us this exquisite pair of candles they had gotten for us in Safed, along with a match holder unlike anything I've ever seen, it was a clear sign. More important for me – I love having family … [Read more...]