Tips to Prepare Your Seder Faster

In writing the Passover e-guide, “Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder,” I had a series of personal “aha” moments. Specifically, I reminded myself what huge timesavers checklists can be. There are three of them in the e-book that I can’t believe I waited so many years to create. #1 - Seder shopping list In years past, I’d make a Seder shopping list each year, looking through the Haggadah, seeing if I had any old menus and to-dos stuck in my “holiday” drawer. Now, I don’t have to recreate it every year. How did that never occur to me before?! It doesn’t include the … [Read more...]

Tailoring the Seder for Young Children

Miriam danced with her timbrels

We’re planning to tailor our Seder this year to the youngest among us. The little ones coming won’t be able to sit through a Seder that is even as long as our usual ones.  But they will enjoy some “big” moments, I think. They are used to joining us for parades around the house, where we play instruments and march to the beat of popular tunes. So I believe we can translate this to Passover, in the form of a simple re-enactment of the Exodus from Egypt. Passover Story Re-Enactment For the play part, we’ll need: A narrator (with a basic script) to tell us what actions to take, … [Read more...]