My Hanukkah Gift to You

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Yes! We are just a month away from Hanukkah 2015! As my thank you for the pleasure of your company on our JewishHolidaysInABox journey, I’m giving away our Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday (regularly $4.97). And if you are already an old pro with celebrating Hanukkah, download the e-book to pass along to a friend who might value it. You will learn how to get the most family fun out of this eight-night festival, along with five-minute ways to decorate your home with Hanukkah spirit using materials you already have. Learn how to: Answer questions about Hanukkah … [Read more...]

Up to 40% Off Hanukkah Sale

Celebrate Hanukkah

We are launching our biggest sale of the year -- up to 40% off our Hanukkah gifts & games!   Everything in the store is on sale! When you're making your list, don't forget:  Presents for the grandkids, including kids away at college or in their 20s  Hanukkah Games Boxes as gifts to the host of the parties you're going to Hanukkah Boxes if you're traveling to spend time with family - they'll love playing Hanukkah Bingo and Dreidel, too!  Hanukkah Thank you notes -- to help your children understand the concept of gratitude One teacher told me she used our … [Read more...]

Customize Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Homemade Menorah

Our expanding, diverse family just expanded again. Mazal tov to the newlyweds! So as each Jewish holiday rolls around, I wonder what this huge mix of ages, interests, and backgrounds might enjoy. For the first time at Rosh Hashanah dinner, for example, we used Bugles (the salty, crunchy snack food) to pretend that we were blowing the shofar, through a series of tekiahs, shevarims, and teruahs. Everyone at the table, except the baby, played along. One Passover, we wrote new lyrics to a popular tune (“You Are My Sunshine”) as a welcome-to-our-Seder song, then played it on banjo and guitar. … [Read more...]