Building Anticipation for Sukkot

Building a sukkah

“Is It Sukkot Yet?” is a brand new hard cover book by Chris Barash, pictures by Alessandra Psacharopulo designed for young children, 3-6. With a focus on all the senses, the story uses an echoing of the phrase, “Sukkot is on its way,” as it shares the tale of a family in a pastoral setting getting ready for the holiday. With lovely stylized images on each page – from gardens and fences, to trees and birds, squirrels and dogs, wagons, and so on, the color palette is all about fall, with lots of reds, oranges, browns, greens, golds. Because of the short amount of copy on each page (some of … [Read more...]

“Build” an Indoor Sukkah

Let’s say you can’t build an outdoor sukkah. And you don’t have a porch to decorate that helps you simulate a real sukkah. That's OK - because there is an alternative. If you have woods and farmer’s markets nearby, you can decorate your usual eating space. And you can “imagine” your breakfast room or dining room into an indoor sukkah. On October 3, we start 8 Weeks of Hanukkah Specials. Let your friends and family know to sign up at to get our free weekly ideas AND our weekly specials. To see if someone had already thought of this indoor sukkah concept, I … [Read more...]