Celebrating Purim at Home

There are lots of Purim traditions that take place in synagogues. Purim carnivals. Purim parades. Purim costumes. Reading megillat Esther (the book of Esther). Planning a Purim Party We also love the idea of making merry in your home. If you have cooking-age children, here’s one fun way to bring the customs to life: 1. Invite your kids’ friends in the morning to bake hamentaschen, the tri-cornered pastries that look like Haman’s (the bad guy’s) hats.  A group of 5-8 is about the right size, so that everyone can have a kitchen surface for creating his/her own masterpieces. 2. Find a … [Read more...]

Hamentaschen in Four Easy Steps

Yummy triangles - you choose the filling!

I’ve often shied away from recipes that require rolling pins as too time-consuming. (I did surprise myself by successfully making the cutest dog and teddy bear cookies a few months ago. But I had a goal: to have cookies for some very special children to frost and decorate.) For Purim, though, I see recipe after recipe that calls for rolling out the dough to a particular thickness, then using glasses to cut out perfect circles. Sure, that’s an option. But if you’ve been putting off baking hamentaschen – for yourself or with your children – because you want to keep the rolling pin where … [Read more...]