Through the Rain and Wind

Here is a beautifully worded article about Sukkot — and the metaphoric value of the sukkah itself.

The author, Yehudit Werchow, sparks our senses with this thought:  “as we sit in the sukkah, with only leaves for a roof, exposed to the wind, the rain and the cold, we become aware of our fragility in the face of the forces of nature and our dependence on it.”

There’s even this gem of a poem (called “The Jews”) by Yehuda Amichai.  I am drawn to reading and re-reading it.

“A Jewish man remembers the Sukkah in his grandfather’s home.
And the Sukkah remembers for him
The wandering in the desert that remembers
The grace of youth and the Tablets of the Ten Commandments
And the gold of the Golden Calf and the thirst and the hunger
That remember Egypt.”

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