Little Hands Do Well with Tin Menorahs

Posted by Ellen Zimmerman on November 02, 2022

When you create a new product, you have a vision of who will use it. We had conceived of the Hanukkah Helper Box as perfect for college students and 20-somethings. And it is. Simple menorah you don't have to worry about breaking. All the bits to celebrate - candles, gelt, blessings, songs. And a party game we call Hanukkah Libs Silly Stories.

But folks are reminding us know that it's also great for little hands. 

An educator/Mama who really knows her stuff told us how easy it is for little ones to put candles in a tin menorah, a real plus. (Duh, I thought. As I was working in my office, my grandson was putting in and taking out candles over and over - he loved it!)

And we got an inquiry from a woman who wants to buy a Hanukkah Helper Box for in-laws who have downsized, yet want to celebrate.

Keep the comments coming - we are learning every day. And we want to know what's best for you!


Just Fry Up the Latkes!

Posted by Ellen Zimmerman on October 17, 2022

Introducing our new Hanukkah Helper Box.  Originally designed for college students and 20-somethings, the package is also perfect for anyone who wants a simple celebration.

Your box comes with a tin menorah, candles, gelt, dreidels, recipes, blessings, songs and Hanukkah Libs Silly Stories. 

What we love most: 

  • Our testers roared when we tried out the Hanukkah Libs Silly Stories. 
  • And the recipe for edible dreidels is super cute, super easy to make. Perfect to make during a party.

Just fry up the latkes and let the party begin!

Use code HHB15 at checkout for 15% off!  Offer good through 10/31/12.

Thanks to Jeremy R! You’re the one who suggested that we create something for college students.


Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah!

Posted by Ellen Zimmerman on September 06, 2022

We are excited to be launching our 2012 Hanukkah store -- with products inspired by input from you!

Last year, you shared how much you appreciated the full family kit (Hanukkah in a Box) and wished that we'd offer something for college students and 20-somethings.  You also asked us to offer some of the products à la carte.  So we did.

Check out our Hanukkah Games Box -- with the fun, new make-your-own Hanukkah Banner.  

We developed our Hanukkah Helper Box in response to a college student's plea; we then realized that it will be perfect for lots of folks who want a starter kit. In testing, we also learned that our new Hanukkah Libs Silly Stories are great for younger kids through 20-somethings -- it all depends on who fills in the blanks!

To the Mom who said, "I love these thank you notes! Please offer them separately."  Done!

And we added laminated cards with blessings, candle-lighting tips, and songs to our Hanukkah CD Tutorial packet.  

We're all ears again -- so after you try out these products, please let us know what you're enjoying most and what you'd like us to change.