What Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

Dress up dinner time with a flowerIf you’ve ever seen the TV show “What Not to Wear,”  you know that Carmindy (the make-up genius) talks about creating the five-minute face.

So what can you really accomplish in five minutes?

I believe that there are little steps we can take — even in our crazy busy lives — to help our families know that they’re important.

Here’s the beginning of a list.  Please add your own thoughts.

1. Add something fresh from your yard to the dinner table.  Cut a single flower or a sprig of green.  Just a snippet from a spruce tree or dogwood or whatever is handy works.  Put it in a jelly jar. You don’t need to arrange the perfect bouquet.

2.  Have your child arrange a few pretty fruits or vegetables in a bowl in the center of the table.  (When I was little, I insisted on creating a fruitable bowl — a mix of fruits and veggies.  My mother was very patient with me.  Thanks, Mom!)

3. Use the cloth napkins once in a while.  Friday night dinner is a great time for that.  (I’ve found napkins that don’t require ironing; no surprise, they’re now my favorites!)

4. If you have a dish or bowl with an interesting color or pattern (you don’t need a whole set — just one!), use that to honor someone’s special day.  Had a great piano lesson? Won a soccer game? Learned something cool? Finished a good book?  Give that person the “special” dish.

5. For readers in the family, add a little note to a lunch bag.  You can get the lovely pre-printed kind on cardstock — or just jot a few words on a sticky note or 4 x 6 card that says “Thinking of you.  Have a great day!”

We’ll talk in an upcoming blog about how these small but important gestures can be woven into a celebration of Judaism.

OK — you take it from here!  What are your favorite quickie ways to create a “ta-da” moment in your family?


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