Thanks to these parents, teachers, grandparents, and Rabbis for taking the time to share! And don’t you love this from 6-year-old Edie? “I want to have a party with my Hanukkah Family Fun Kit!”


Praise for Hanukkah Bingo Game & Hanukkah Boxes

Hanukkah Bingo is a quick game all ages, from toddlers on up to grandmas and grandpas will enjoy, especially those little ones for whom even Candyland lasts a wee bit too long.- Lisa Carpenter, Grandma’s Briefs

When I opened my Hanukkah Family Fun Kit, I breathed a gigantic sigh of relief. My daughter’s party was planned for me. – Anne,  mother of 4-year-old

The Hanukkah Bingo Game would be a great resource for kids with special needs who are visual learners – many kids on the autism spectrum!” Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, author of The Kitchen Classroom: 32 Visual GFCF Recipes to Boost Developmental Skills

Best idea ever! I’ve been looking for something like this for years.-Joanna, Jewish educator

I wanted you to know that I so appreciate your sharing your work and resources with me. Clearly, you’ve put so much thought and creativity into each of the pieces you create. – Rabbi Mike

Your Hanukkah Bingo Game has inspired me to play more games with my daughter. She wants to ‘play games’ every night now and she is specifically talking about the bingo matching game from the Hanukkah Games Box! – Katy

If you have kids or planned nights with the grandparents, you need to get this NOW, so you can breathe a sigh of relief (like I did). The clear hit for our family was the Hanukkah Bingo Game. – Estelle

Lulu’s favorite was the Hanukkah Bingo Game. I loved that the bingo cards were pictures, not words and numbers. This made it a really fun game that’s perfect for younger ones. Lulu was so thrilled if she had a match on her card. – Kathy

The family I gave the Hanukkah in a Box Family Fun Kit to thought it was great! They’d never seen anything like it. – Carie, mom who gave the kit as a gift

The interfaith family I gave it to was most appreciative for the teaching opportunity.-Sara

I received the Hanukkah in a Box Family Fun Kit and am absolutely thrilled with it! I need all the help I can get explaining the holiday to my young boys, and this is truly a blessing (no pun intended).- Michelle

We just opened the box and my son focused in on the Hanukkah bingo game, ribbons and dreidels. And he wants to do the menorah game with the paper candles and flames right now! – Jennifer, mother of 5-year-old

I loved the Hanukkah in a Box – what a great way to send Judaism home! – Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, Temple Beth El, Charlotte, NC

These materials will be a wonderful addition for Jewish families . . . a fun and accessible resource to enhance home celebration. – Rachel Stern, Institute for Southern Jewish Life

I love the idea! I’m always looking for things to make the Jewish holidays accessible at home!-Rabbi Mona

I am especially excited about the CD so i can join my grandsons when they say the prayers.-Susan

I think the CD is a great idea! My husband doesn’t even know how to pronounce some things and I’m always totally baffled when he can’t help me! The graphic design on all the materials looks really beautiful and appealing.” – Elizabeth, mother of 2 boys in interfaith family

Praise for Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

I love the board and the illustrations are simply wonderful!- Scott

Love it! You’ve perfectly balanced the choose-your-own adventure and follow-the-leader aspects of the Seder Steps — and in quite a whimsical way.- Ken

I like how you have left room for personal creativity, and at the same time, made the game complete enough not to have to add to it. – Hannah

We purchased these for our Seder and I gave away a few. It was great to have something interactive for the kids.” Mark

Praise for Rosh Hashanah Bingo

This game is awesome. I never get tired of it!!! I played with my sister, then my son and my grandson. — Martha

Praise for Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder

Ellen Zimmerman’s guide ‘Celebrate Passover’ removes the angst of hosting a Passover Seder and replaces it with warm encouragement, smart tips and easy to share educational tidbits. She did it again. Just like her Chanukah guide, she managed to give me confidence to host a Seder that focuses on enjoying being with family and creating memories.  — Mom of 5-year-old

Thanks! LOVE it! I think it’s great!!! – Janet

We loved the Family Discussion Guide! The questions got the kids and me talking about where all their cousins were for Seders and what different people do. Plus, it built anticipation and enthusiasm for our Seder. So helpful! – Mom of 7-year-old

It’s lovely!  The pictures, the organization, the stories, the ‘look’ are ALL fabulous!! – Buyer who bought the guide as a gift for a friend

Praise for Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday  

This is a great guide! I love the pictures you used. The book looks so clean and easy to follow.  I love how you broke it up. I love that you give recipes and suggestions for where to find music. I NEVER remember which side to put the candles in and where to start lighting! Your book is a lifesaver!!” — Sarah Barrett, author of A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising

I just got finished reading through the Hanukkah guide and LOVED it! I found it very straightforward and easy to read. I particularly like the step-by-step approach. I also appreciate the section that teaches us how to light the candles properly. I truly appreciate your taking the time to share your faith with all of us.” – Catherine, World Religions Teacher

‘Celebrate Hanukkah’ is a great walk-through of the holiday, especially good for families with young children. A straight-forward explanation of the history, food, parts and pieces, games, blessings and songs. Helpful and fun ideas to enrich the holiday. I highly recommend this guide!” – Doreen, mom of 2

I’m a Christian, but I believe that we should understand Jewish celebrations. Your Hanukkah e-guide helped explain things I had wondered, like what candles had to do with the oil, and how latkes came into play. Very cool!” — Amanda Sue Howell, mom of 4