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Jewish Holidays in a Box: Fun for the Whole Family  (Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along Review) March 22, 2017 by 

Talking with Ellen Zimmerman of Jewish Holidays in a Box March 27, 2016 by Sarah Resnick in

Jewish Holidays In A Box (Hanukkah Bingo Review) December 11, 2015 by Devante Published on

How to Celebrate Interfaith Holidays December 5, 2015 By Jordan E. Rosenfeld Published in

Hanukkah Bingo from Jewish Holidays In A Box (game review)  November 20, 2015  By Lisa Carpenter  Published on Grandma’s Briefs

     Free Hanukkah E-Books from November 19, 2015 Published on

How I Try to Create Jewish Memories for my Grandkids September 2, 2015  Published in

What Makes a Dessert Jewish? August 4, 2015 Published in

This Passover Let Your Creativity Go Wild March 23, 2015  By Jane Larkin  Published on

New Fruits and Old Crumbs for Rosh HaShanah September 16, 2014. Published in

Rosh Hashanah Cards , Temple Israel Alameda.

What Does Unplugging for Shabbat Look Like for You? May 15, 2014. Published in

Making Special Foods for Shavuot May 22, 2014. Published in

What are the Numbers of Shavuot? May 13, 2014. Published in

Rosh Hashanah Project Featured by Schusterman Foundation. January 13, 2014. Our idea, Sweeter Rosh Hashanah Family Fun Kit,” was approved by the #MakeItHappen initiative of the Schusterman Foundation to be featured on their website. 

Hanukkah Bingo Game Awarded “TTT” Status. December 2013.  Hanukkah Bingo Game earns “A” rating in all categories.

New Hanukkah E-Guide Helps Teachers Explain Holiday to Students October 16, 2013. Every year, thousands of teachers in elementary, middle and high school classrooms explain the festival of Hanukkah to their students.

Jewish Holidays in a Box Comes Out of the Box with New Downloadables October 3, 2013. announces new downloadable guides to help Jewish and interfaith families.

 Your Guide to Kid-Friendly Jewish Summer Outings June 11, 2013. Published in

Hanukkah 2014 – Posts and Press


New! Rosh Hashanah Bingo 2014 – Posts & Press

Rosh Hashanah Bingo is available from

Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along 2014 – Posts & Press

Check out our “Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along,” available at Also available via digital download.

Hanukkah 2013 – Posts & Press

    •, “Ten creative themes for holiday parties,” December 6, 2013. Molly Cerreta Smith. Read more . . . 
    • Staten Island Parent, “Hanukkah Bingo Giveaway,” Read more . . . 
    •, “Thankful for Thanksgivukkah,” December 4, 2013. Rachel Teichman. Read more . .
    • Mayahood, “Hanukkah Arts & Crafts Activities in a Box,” November 26, 2013. Maya Fitzpatrick.  Read more . . . 
    • Jewish Exponent, ” ‘Unplugged’ Gifts to Inspire Creativity,” November 14, 2013. Elyse Glickman. Read more . . . 
    • Winchester Star, “Area Residents Develops Jewish Holidays in a Box for Celebrations,” November 22, 2013. Van Van Meter. Read more . . 
    • Our Jewish Homeschool Blog, “Chanukah in Box and Other Reviews,” November 18, 2013. Danit Schusterman.  Read more …
    • Small Batch Studio, “Your Hanukkah Celebration. It’s in the Box!” November 18, 2013. Laura Nelson Magu, creator of the PushPack, pre-packed hospital bag for expectant mothers. Read more . . . 
    •, “Happy Hanukkah Activity Pak from Jewish Holidays in a Box (GIVEAWAY),” November 14, 2013.  Kathleen Garber. Read more . . .
    • Boulder Jewish News, “Hanukkah Meets Thanksgiving: What Do American Families Think,” November 12, 2013. Read more …
    •, “Jewish Holidays in a Box, Creating Family Memories,” November 8, 2013. Mimi, Chief Executive Boomer.  Read more . . .
    •, “No Thanksgivvukah Worries with Holidays in a Box,” November 5, 2013. Susan Adcox. Read more . . . 
    • Deseret News, “Thanksgivukkah Shines Light on Modern Jewish Culture.” October 26, 2013. Herb Scribner. Read more...
    • Jewish Scene Magazine, “Plan a Fun – and Easy – Hanukkah Party for Your Grandkids.” October 25, 2013. Susan Nieman. Read more . . 
    •, “Gift Giveaway – Hanukkah Bingo Game.” October 30, 3013.  Rachel Teichman. Read more . . .
    • “Thanksgivvukah and Hanukkah Giveaway.” October 31, 2013.  Betsy Kirchner. Read more . . 
    • Jewish Scene Magazine, “Hot Hanukkah Finds – Games And Crafts.” October 30, 2013. Susan Nieman. Read more…

Passover 2013 – Posts & Press

Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder 

  • “My friend Ellen is founder of, which has released their brand new Guide to Celebrating Passover — a  36-page manual and two audio files designed to make celebrating Passover easier and more enjoyable. ”  March 22, 2013.  Seder Planning Made Easier.
  • “Don’t get caught up in angst about making sure everything is perfect.  Gather around a table to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt. Tell about Seders from your past. And build memories for your children to tell to their children.”  March 22, 2013  Passover Advice – How to Plan a Simple
  • “We encourage any of you planning a Seder to have fun. Learn. Sing. Eat. Make memories with family and friends.”  March 22, 2013. Kid-Friendly Passover Activities.  Susieqtopiescafe
  • “Before the Seder, the leader should go through the Haggadah and mark the parts that make sense for your family/crowd, paring down to what seems right for you.”  March 21, 2013.  How to create a shorter
  • “This creative guide helps families who are novices when it comes to the Pesach seder or want to make their standard seder more engaging and fun.”  March 15, 2013.  Fun Passover Activities for Seder and Beyond.
  • “I was given the opportunity to review this adorable Passover Seder guide. The 3-part downloadable package comes with a 36-page PDF + 2 audio tutorials. It is filled with very clear and simple instructions on how to run the perfect Pesach Seder.”  March 13, 2013.   A Jewish Homeschool Blog
  • “Jewish Holidays in a Box has a 36-page downloadable Celebrate Passover guide to help you plan an easy Seder, with more joy and less stress.”  From Passover: Treats, Crafts, Events and Song Round-Up   March 12, 2013.   Barista Kids Parenting   
  • “Since Seder literally means ‘order,’ it makes sense to want to have it all planned out well! . . .  Sounds like a great tool, especially  if hosting kids at your Seder for the first time! ”  From Getting the Seder in Order  March 12,2013.
  • “The Jewish holiday of Pesach is approaching fast.” From Celebrate Passover and Plan a Fun & Simple Seder  March 12, 2013.


Hanukkah Kits

  • Newsday, Long Island, “Check out Hanukkah fun delivered in boxes”  December 4, 2012  Read more . . .
  • Barista Kids  “Barista Kids Hanukkah Guide: Events, Activities, Recipes and More!”  December 4, 2012  Read more . . .
  •  Wired “Unboxing Hanukkah in a Box” November 30, 2012 Read more…
  • Interfaith Family Newsletter “Just in time for the holidays.” November 27, 2012  Read more . . .
  •  “Celebrate Hanukkah with a cheeky kit from . . . Jewish Holidays in a Box.”   November 29, 2012  Read more . . .
  • Macaroni Kid Eats “5-minute Hanukkah Centerpiece.” November 27, 2012  Read more . . .
  •  EdJewTopia  “Boxes of convenient resources for Hanukkah.” November 26, 2012.  Read more . . . .
  •  Detroit Jewish News / Red Thread Magazine, ” Jewish Holidays in a Box has a Chanukah kit for every kid.” November 15, 2012. Read more . . . 
  • Jewish Outreach Institute, The Mothers Circle / Resources for Mothers / Holiday Resources. November 19, 2012.   Read more . . .
  • Boulder Jewish News, “Away from Home on Hanukkah?” Do you remember being away from home, maybe at college, when major holidays came up?  November 15, 2012.  Read more …
  • Fall 2012 ISJL Newsletter “Ellen Zimmerman has created beautiful and thoughtful resources that will enhance Jewish celebrations in any home.” Read Part One  Read Part Two
  • Jewish Scene Magazine  Celebrating Hanukkah can be extraordinarily beautiful – lights in the darkness of winter, the delicious fragrance of latkes and happy cries of victory during dreidel games!  November 2, 2012  Read more…
  •  As you think about celebrating Hanukkah this year, what does your family care about most? And how can you draw on their talents and interests to create a rich, multi-textured holiday.   November 2, 2012  Read more… 
  • Boulder Jewish News   As each Jewish holiday rolls around, I wonder what our expanding, diverse family might enjoy, based on ages, interests, and background.  (And we’ve got a huge mix!)” October 29, 2012  Read more… 
  • Detroit Jewish News  Chanukah kits designed to help busy families have the most positive experiences, with the least amount of stress. Read more…    

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Check out these great blogs that range from parenting thoughts to interesting products:

“It’s a party in a box with a Dreidel Game, Hanukkah Bingo Game, Cut-and-Color Banner, and coloring pages.” Paradox Parables

“What better way to start off the holidays than sharing tradition and gaming in this very compact and adorable Jewish Holidays In A Box!”  Chicago Moms

“If you have kids or planned nights with the grandparents, you need to get this NOW, so you can breathe a sigh of relief (like I did). Jewish Holidays in a Box has you covered.”  Musings on Motherhood

“After using the Hanukkah Games Box with my two and half year old, I couldn’t wait to share with all of you!”  Indianapolis with Kids  (This is a great story about how this family used the Games Box!)

“I received the Hanukkah in a Box Kit and am absolutely thrilled with it!” from Macaroni Kid

Tip of the hat to M Magazine Bay Area for their support.

“…everything you need to create a meaningful and memorable holiday.” Grandma’s Briefs Holiday Guide

A shout-out of thanks for the post by Mara Strom of Kosher on a Budget

Thanks to the amazing for including us in their Blogroll

“The good folks at Jewish Holiday in a Box have had the bright idea of simplifying the holiday for Jewish or interfaith families with small children, with boxed sets sure to elicit hours of fun, delight, and information.”  Read more… Behavioral Child

“I was recently introduced to a great company, Jewish Holidays in a Box,” Read more… Kippa Kids

“Celebrate Hanukkah with New Holiday Boxes,” Read more…  Planet Weidknecht

“…it is easier than ever for families to celebrate with new products from Jewish Holidays in a Box.”  Read more… Mom Always Finds Out

“This year Hanukkah (or as my family spells it Chanukah) is in early December.”  Read more…  Beyond the Car Seat

2011 News

“The great thing about Hanukkah is that you can celebrate it at different levels, according to the age of your child.” Read more…    Ganz Parent Club

The Jewish Outreach Institute reviewed our Hanukkah Kit, then published a link to us on their website. Read more…    Mother’s Circle

Included as Hanukkah resource by interfaithfamily.comRead more…

Selection of our Hanukkah Kits by Momstown Minds as first of their top five resources for Hanukkah!  “Unique resource,” says Ally Cooper Read more…    Momstown Minds

Review of our Hanukkah Kits from National Parenting Publications Awards on their “Holiday Gifts – Noteworthy from NAPPA” page.  Read more…

“I think the product is a great idea and will make a wonderful addition to family celebrations.  (It’s perfect to sell in a temple gift shop.)” Rabbi Phyllis Sommer in her blog Ima on the Bima

“… a Hanukkah Kit from Jewish Holidays in a Box can be a lifesaver.” Susan Adcox in Grandparents.About.Com

“Jewish Holidays in a Box is a nifty concept: one kit per holiday with how-tos, whys and whats tucked neatly inside.” Joanna Brichetto in her blog Bible Belt Balabusta

“Jewish Holiday preparation gets a welcome ‘assist’ with Hanukkah Kits from Jewish Holidays In A Box. “ Mimi in

“A great way to weave together various traditions is to plan a cookie-baking afternoon where people bake a mix of Hanukkah and Christmas cookies.”  Happy Holidays for Multicultural Families