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Do you think you don’t have time to celebrate Shabbat, after a busy week? Discover easy ways to bring Shabbat peace into your home, including ways to add beauty and Sabbath spirit in five minutes or less!

Learn how to:  

  • Create a Shabbat Kit that makes setting up so much faster on Friday night
  • Set a peaceful mood in 5 minutes
  • Plan special family time on Saturday
  • Hold a short, magical Havdalah ceremony on Saturday evening, with scents of cinnamon and cloves surrounding you
  • Add beautiful music to your Sabbath, using the links to MP3 provided here
  • Embrace the Sabbath in a way that’s right for your family


What’s different about this Shabbat guide?

Lots of resources give you the shoulds. Here, you get the coulds.

Your Shabbat can go beyond the blessings, as sweet as they are. Our little ones love the drama of lighting candles and “revealing” the challah with a ta-da moment!

Does your family love to stroll together in a park? Go for a bike ride? Visit a museum?

Or is Shabbat morning the perfect time to enjoy leisurely French toast breakfast?

And what if you are a distance grandparent? We offer ideas for how to share Shabbat via Skype.

From Friday sundown until Saturday sundown, you can make the world slow down and nurture yourselves before the new week begins.


Praise for Celebrate Shabbat: How to Create Joyful Home Traditions

Adding Shabbat ritual to an already crazy schedule seems impossible some weeks. ‘Celebrate Shabbat: How to Create Joyful Home Traditions’ e-guide helps me to realize Shabbat is not another thing to do, but a way of creating a special time for me and my little one. If wearing tiaras at dinner is part of what makes Shabbat special, then so be it.  –  AJ
The Shabbat e-guide was great! We’re just starting to celebrate Shabbat as a family, so this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I love the way the information was presented in such a friendly manner. Not intimidating at all. And the links to more information and resources . . . were such a help! I especially loved the story about the challah cover . . . Such a wonderful reminder that it doesn’t all have to be the perfect celebration, it just has to be your celebration. I love, love, love that! – Beth
I converted to Judaism and absolutely love everything about the faith and especially the holidays. I do easily become overwhelmed because I have little sense of what is normal or expected. Your guide has given me a place to start in creating something unique for my family, while keeping true to tradition. I originally purchased your Passover guide and it was a lifesaver. –  Hannah


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