Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along $11.99

Keep your kids engaged at the Passover Seder

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Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

Discover a fun way to keep your kids engaged at the Seder. Ideal for kids 4 – 10. (Adults enjoy it, too!)

Passover toy

Watch your kids follow the Seder like never before!

Before the Seder:

  • Help your kids prepare for what to expect. Perfect for whether you are hosting your own Seder or sharing with another family.
  • Teach them the key Seder symbols with the larger images — and ask them to go hunting for the mini images, like Moses in a basket, the frogs, candlesticks.
  • Explore the suggested art activities to deepen their understanding.
Passover fun for the whole family

Passover fun for the whole family

During the Seder:

  • “Kvell” with pride, as you see them move their red pawns from stepping stone to stepping stone, reinforcing the journey out of Egypt.
  • Invite one or more kids to be in charge of broadcasting when it’s time to move to the next step, using the ideas here.
  • Delight in how much more involved the kids and adults stay!

Also great for your Sunday school Seder.


You get:

  • 5 gloss-coated boards
  • 5 playing pawns
  • Instructions for how to use before and during the Seder

Praise for Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

I loved that I was able to teach Torah in a way that connected with my kids, on their level. As we moved the pawns through the stepping stones, reinforcing the perilous journey out of Egypt, it really seemed to click in thier young minds what this incredible holiday symbolizes and why it’s so significant for us as a Jewish People. – Victoria,

I love the board and the illustrations are simply wonderful!- Scott

Love it! You’ve perfectly balanced the choose-your-own adventure and follow-the-leader aspects of the Seder Steps — and in quite a whimsical way.- Ken

I like how you have left room for personal creativity, and at the same time, made the game complete enough not to have to add to it. – Hannah

We purchased these for our Seder and I gave away a few. It was great to have something interactive for the kids. – Mark

This is a solid winner . . . great look and feel to the game and it does the trick of teaching the steps of the Seder without becoming heavy handed . . . this is terrific! – Rabbi S.

Is this right for your family? Learn more about how you could use the Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along.

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