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Discover how to host an easy Passover Seder 

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Yes, you can host a simple Passover Seder – without going crazy! If you truly want a joyful Seder that takes less time to prepare, is more fun, tells the story of the Exodus, and creates wonderful Passover memories, get this 36-page e-book now as a digital download.

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Mini-Seder Plates - Best Idea!

Mini-Seder Plates – Best Idea!

Learn new ways to: 

  •  Share 3 core Passover concepts with young children
  • Organize your Seder around the 15 steps in every Haggadah
  • Understand the key Seder symbols
  • Shop faster at the grocery store
  • Figure out what to prepare the day ahead
  • Set the Seder table using our handy checklist
  • Involve children more during the Seder
  • Build anticipation for the Seder

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Praise for Celebrate Passover: How to Plan a Fun, Simple Seder

Ellen Zimmerman’s guide “Celebrate Passover” removes the angst of hosting a Passover Seder and replaces it with warm encouragement, smart tips andeasy to share educational tidbits.  She gave me confidence to host a Seder that focuses on enjoying being with family and creating memories.  – AJ
Thanks! LOVE it! I think it’s great!!! – Janet
It’s lovely! The pictures, the organization, the stories, the ‘look’ are ALL fabulous! – Dorothea


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Celebrate Passover with more fun

Passover Seder Steps Follow Along

Jewish Holidays Games Bundle

Jewish Holidays Games Bundle