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Hanukkah games, Hanukkah toys, Chanukah toys

Hanukkah Games Box

Enjoy this fun assortment of Hanukkah games and coloring activities. Perfect to take to Hanukkah parties.

Get ready for Hanukkah fun for everyone! Dreidel competitions. Hanukkah Bingo Game that 5 can play. Hanukkah Banner that a whole group can work on at once. Plus menorah-based art activities for little ones.

You get:

  • Hanukkah Bingo Game for 4 players (gloss-coated for durability) + 1 caller

    Design Your Own Happy Hanukkah Banner

    Design Your Own Happy Hanukkah Banner

  • 8 Dreidels & Playing Instructions
  • Menorah Cut-and-Color Activity
  • Design Your Own Hanukkah Banner


Hanukkah games, Chanukah games

Hanukkah Bingo Game

Menorah Cut and Color Activity (marker not included)

Hanukkah games, Chanukah dreidels

8 Dreidels + How to Play Instructions

Praise for Hanukkah Games Box

We just opened the box and my son wants to do the menorah game with  the paper candles and flames right now! – Jennifer, IN

The family I gave the Hanukkah Games Box to thought it was great! They’d never seen anything like it. – Carie, VA

Great Holiday Fun!! – Amazon customer. Gave us a top (5) rating.

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Hanukkah Thank You Notes

Hanukkah Thank You Notes

Hanukkah How To; Hanukkah Blessings

Hanukkah Parent Pak