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Make Hanukkah fun for kids & you 

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Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday

Wondering how to get the most family fun out of this eight-night festival? Discover five-minute ways to decorate your home with Hanukkah spirit using materials you already have. Cut out a bunch of paper dreidels using our template and have the kiddoes color them — or use them as gift cards.

Spin the dreidel!

Spin the dreidel!

Learn how to:

  • Answer questions about Hanukkah for your children – and prep yourself if you’re the parent who goes into your child’s classroom
  • Make the holiday come to life with three core concepts that resonate with children
  • Talk the talk – get comfortable with the basic terminology of Hanukkah, including how to pronounce the words and what they mean
  • Make Hanukkah cookies that fit your cooking style

    Learn how to light Hanukkah candles

    Hanukkah candles burn brightly

  • Bake a ta-da dreidel cake – from a box mix
  • Create a Hanukkah display for your table
  • Light Hanukkah candles – where / when / how / blessings
  • Play dreidel

Hanukkah Table of Contents

Baking Hanukkah cookies

Hanukkah cookies – yum!

Praise for Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday

This is a great guide! I love the pictures you used. The book looks so clean and easy to follow.  I love how you broke it up. I love that you give recipes and suggestions for where to find music. I NEVER remember which side to put the candles in and where to start lighting! Your book is a lifesaver!! – Sarah Barrett, author of A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising, CA

I just got finished reading through the Hanukkah guide and LOVED it! I found it very straightforward and easy to read. I particularly like the step-by-step approach. I also appreciate the section that teaches us how to light the candles properly. I truly appreciate your taking the time to share your faith with all of us. – Catherine, World Religions Teacher

Celebrate Hanukkah’ is a great walk-through of the holiday, especially good for families with young children. It provides a straight-forward explanation of the history, food, parts and pieces, games, blessings and songs. Also included are helpful and fun ideas of ways to enrich the holiday. I highly recommend this guide! Doreen

I’m a Christian, but I believe that we should understand Jewish celebrations. Your Hanukkah e-guide helped explain things I had wondered, like what candles had to do with the oil, and how did latkes come in to play. Very cool! –  Amanda Sue Howell


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