Hanukkah Family Fun Kit $29.99

Hanukkah games plus. A whole holiday in a box!

Free shipping. Fun for parents, grandparents, and children 3 and up.

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Hanukkah games, Chanukah games, Hanukkah kids, Hanukkah blessings, Hanukkah recipes

Hanukkah Family Fun Kit

Play more. Learn more. Have more Hanukkah fun. Then, when Hanukkah is over, tuck everything back into the box – and you’re ready for next year. Check out the video below to see if it’s right for you.

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You get:

  • Blessings and Candle-lighting Tips
  • Hanukkah Bingo Game (4 players + 1 caller)
  • 4 Dreidels
  • Hanukkah Recipes & Hanukkah Songs
  • Blessings Tutorial on CD
  • Core Concepts, Background, Glossary
  • Hanukkah Thank You Notes
  • Coloring Activities & Hanukkah Decorating Materials

Praise for Hanukkah Family Fun Kit

I received the Hanukkah Family Fun Kit and am absolutely thrilled with it! I need all the help I can get explaining the holidays to my young boys. –  Michelle

I kid you not. When I opened my Hanukkah Family Fun Kit, I breathed a gigantic sigh of relief. My daughter’s Hanukkah party is already planned for me! –  Anne

Best idea ever! I’ve been looking for something like this for years. – Joanna

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Hanukkah Games Box $19.99

Hanukkah toys and games  

Free shipping with Amazon prime. Fun for parents, grandparents, and children 3 and up.

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Hanukkah games, Hanukkah toys, Chanukah toys

Hanukkah Games Box

Fun assortment of games and coloring activities. Perfect to take to Hanukkah parties.

You get:

  • Hanukkah Bingo Game for 4 players (gloss-coated for durability)
  • 8 Dreidels & Playing Instructions
  • Menorah Cut-and-Color Activity
  • Design-Your-Own Hanukkah Banner

Praise for Hanukkah Games Box

We just opened the box and my son wants to do the menorah game with the paper candles and flames right now! – Jennifer

The family I gave the Hanukkah Games Box to thought it was great! They’d never seen anything like it. – Carie

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Hanukkah Bingo Game $12.99

Family-favorite Hanukkah game

Free shipping with Amazon prime. Fun for parents, grandparents, and children 2 and up.

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Hanukkah games, Hanukkah toys, Chanukah toys, Hanukkah kids

Hanukkah Bingo Game

The feel-good game that brings everyone together — kids, parents, and grandparents. For children 2 and up. Gloss-coated for durability.

Perfect Hanukkah gift.

TOY TIPS & TRUSTEDEarned ” TTT” (TOY TIPS and TRUSTED) status from www.toytips.com with an A rating in all categories!

  You get:

  • How to Play Hanukkah Bingo
  • Explanation of Symbols
  • 4  Bingo Boards
  • 18 Playing Cards

Praise for our Hanukkah Bingo Game

This game is adorable!! All ages will enjoy this version of bingo. – Amazon customer

The Hanukkah Bingo Game would be a great resource for kids with special needs who are visual learners–many many kids on the autism spectrum! – Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, author of The Kitchen Classroom: 32 Visual GFCF Recipes to Boost Developmental Skills

Your Bingo Game has inspired me to play more games with my daughter. She wants to play the bingo matching game every night now. – Diane

I loved that the bingo cards were pictures, not words and numbers. This made it a really fun game that’s perfect for younger ones. When Lulu caught on (quickly), she was so thrilled if she had a match on her card. – Katy

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Hanukkah Thank You Notes $5.99

Grandma and Grandpa love getting these!

Free shipping with Amazon prime. Ideal for kids 2-9.

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Hanukkah Thank You Notes

Teach children how important it is to say “thank you!”

Customizable thank you notes let your little ones express their gratitude for Hanukkah presents from family and friends in a unique, fun way. Kids as young as two can make the notes their own, thanks to a check-off list to share their favorite Hanukkah activities.

Grandma, Grandpa and all the aunts and uncles  love to get them!

You get:

  • 8 fold-over thank you cards
  • 8 white envelopes

 Praise for Hanukkah Thank You Notes

“These notes are perfect! Our twin 4-year-old girls loved filling them out.” – Molly

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Hanukkah Parent Pak $9.99

Hanukkah blessings, Hanukkah songs, Hanukkah how-tos

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Hanukkah blessings, Chanukah recipes, how to play dreidel

Hanukkah Parent Pak

Handy gloss-coated cards serve as the reminders you need to lead your family’s Hanukkah celebrations. Refer to these quick-reference cheat sheets year-after-year. Plus brochure with tons of ideas.

You get:

  • Hanukkah Blessings / Candle Lighting Tips
  • Hanukkah Songs
  • Hanukkah Story / How to Make Edible Dreidels
  • How to Play Dreidel
  • Core Concepts with Young Children
  • Hanukkah Glossary
  • Baking & Decorating Ideas
  • Hanukkah Checklist
  • FAQs

Praise for Hanukkah Parent Pak

The Hanukkah Parent Pak is great, organized information. Sturdy and will last for years and years. – Amazon customer

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Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday

Everything you need to know about Hanukkah 

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32-page guide is the perfect Hanukkah reference for the whole holiday.

You get:

  • Hanukkah Basics – core concepts, glossary, FAQs
  • Traditional Hanukkah Foods – easy latke recipe, Hanukkah cookie ideas, dreidel cake how-to
  • Decorating for Hanukkah – super simple ways to brighten your home
  • Hanukkah Blessings
  • Candle-Lighting Tips
  • Hanukkah Songs, plus links to great holiday music
  • How to Play Dreidel
  • Hanukkah Shopping Checklist

Praise for Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday

This is a great guide! I love the pictures you used. The book looks so clean and easy to follow.  I love how you broke it up. I love that you give recipes and suggestions for where to find music. I NEVER remember which side to put the candles in and where to start lighting! Your book is a lifesaver!! – Sarah Barrett, author of A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising, CA

I just got finished reading through the Hanukkah guide and LOVED it! I found it very straightforward and easy to read. I particularly like the step-by-step approach. I also appreciate the section that teaches us how to light the candles properly. I truly appreciate your taking the time to share your faith with all of us. – CatherineWorld Religions Teacher

Celebrate Hanukkah’ is a great walk-through of the holiday, especially good for families with young children. It provides a straight-forward explanation of the history, food, parts and pieces, games, blessings and songs. Also included are helpful and fun ideas of ways to enrich the holiday. I highly recommend this guide! – Doreen

I’m a Christian, but I believe that we should understand Jewish celebrations. Your Hanukkah e-guide helped explain things I had wondered, like what candles had to do with the oil, and how did latkes come in to play. Very cool! –  Amanda Sue Howell

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Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak

Hanukkah art projects for the whole family

Fun for parents, grandparents, and children 3 and up.


Bring the whole family into the Hanukkah spirit with this mix of fun projects.

You get:

  • Cheerful pictures  to use in decorating, making Hanukkah cards, or creating charming gift tags.
  • Black-and-white illustrations ready for coloring
  • Design-your-own 6-foot-long Happy Hanukkah Banner
  • Menorah cut-and-color activity – welcomes even the littlest hands to “light” the menorah. Comes with flames and candles galore to color!

Praise for Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak

If you are looking for something for your children to do this Hanukkah, the Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak is a good place to start. The PDF file would be best for families who want something simple and crafty to do with their young children (ages 8 and under) during the holidays. – Kathleen

Just what I needed to help a student feel included! Thank you!! – Cathy J.

The Happy Hanukkah Art & Activity Pak was a big hit with my son. – Maya


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Hanukkah Blessings Tutorial $9.99

Learn how to pronounce Hanukkah blessings

Free shipping with Amazon prime

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Learn the Hanukkah blessings - never be embarrassed again

Hanukkah Blessings Tutorial

Want to get 100% comfortable saying the Hanukkah blessings? Now you can. Learn in the privacy of your home. Never be embarrassed again.

Learn how to:

  • Pronounce and understand Hanukkah terminology
  • Grasp the meaning and beauty of the Hanukkah blessings
  • Pronounce the three key blessings (using a proven language learning technique)
  • Sing the Hanukkah melodies

Praise for Hanukkah Blessings Tutorial

Just wanted to thank you again. The tutorial was so helpful and made Hanukkah far more memorable and the melodies helped other family members and friends feel more included. The method of learning you present works! – Denise

We gave Hanukkah CD Tutorials to members of our Mothers Circle group and they were thrilled to get them!  – Pam Bass, Chair, Outreach/Interfaith Committee, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC

I am especially excited about the CD so I can join my grandsons when they say the prayers. – Susan

I think the Hanukkah blessings tutorial is a great idea! My husband doesn’t even know how to pronounce some things and I’m always totally baffled when he can’t help me! – Elizabeth

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Jewish Holidays Games Bundle $32.99

Hanukkah Bingo + Rosh Hashanah Bingo + Passover Seder Steps Follow-Along

Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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Jewish Holidays Games Bundle

Jewish Holidays Games Bundle

This trio of games gets you ready for three major Jewish holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, and Passover.

Family fun for kids, parents, and grandparents to play together. Gloss-coated for durability.

Makes a perfect gift.

You get:

Perfect Chanukah game for the whole family

Hanukkah Bingo Game

Rosh Hashanah Bingo Game

Rosh Hashanah Bingo Game

Celebrate Passover with more fun

Passover Seder Steps Follow-along






Praise for Jewish Holidays Games Bundle

“We purchased Passover Seder Steps for our Seder and I gave away a few. It was great to have something interactive for the kids.” Amazon customer

“Your Hanukkah Bingo Game has inspired me to play more games with my daughter. She wants to play the bingo matching game every night now.” Diane

All of our Hanukkah boxes and games were hand-packed for you by NW Works, an organization dedicated to enabling adults with disabilities to select, secure and sustain valued employment and training.

Want more fun ideas about Jewish holidays?