Hanukkah Memories

I was flipping through an old photo album today and found this grainy image of a super easy-to-decorate cake that I made for Hanukkah a lot of years ago. It was just a boxed sheet cake with a bit of decoration and embellishment, including six shiny, gold pieces of gelt!

But what made the memory better was that I’d made notes in the album about when we served this cake. Even though I obviously didn’t take the time to make the prose “sing,” I loved the tickler to bring that evening to life.

I wrote, “Blue and white paper chains greeted our guests.  [Then I listed the names of the seven families we’d invited. ] We enjoyed latkes with applesauce, blintzes with sour cream, tuna, noodle kugel, fruit salad, fresh vegetables, Hanukkah cookies (glazed or iced), and cake, before singing blessings and songs, lighting candles, and watching the children open small gifts.  Later, the kids played dreidel and Hanukkah bingo.  It was a wonderful evening!”

Hmm.  I guess I used to spend a lot more time cooking 🙂

What are some of your memories?


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