Hanukkah Kits – Popular in Person

What fun! I just got back from selling Hanukkah Kits at our synagogue’s Judaica and book fair.  So I had a chance to interact with people of all ages — to see what interested them most.

The elementary-school kids were fascinated by the Hanukkah Bingo game.  You could tell they were just itching to play.

They also wanted to get their hands on the dreidels — and the parents were glad that there is an instruction sheet for how to play dreidel.

I could tell that many of the girls really understood how much fun you can have with the ribbons to decorate the house.

Grandparents were happy to buy gift-ready boxes that will be easy to ship.  (Of course, I told them that there are custom Hanukkah thank you notes in each kit, so they oughta be getting a lovely note right after the holiday!)

Parents whose kids are college age bought a few kits for their nieces and nephews.

One Mom was really excited to get one for her daughter as a surprise.  Another Mom loved that we had a whole sheet of candle-lighting tips — quick reference for when you’re trying to remember whether to load candles from right to left, or is it left to right?   She said that they have to look that up every year.

And one really sweet  woman bought a box for herself — because she said she’s a 10-year-old at heart!

I heard some especially nice feedback about the cardboard menorah and coloring pages with candles and flames.

Some folks without a connection to younger kids just bought the CD Tutorial.

It was so rewarding to see the look on people’s faces as they explored the games and blessings — and imagined how the Hanukkah Kits would make their holidays more fun.  Made me happy!

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