Hanukkah Kits for Grandparents

Do Hanukkah Kits make good gifts for grandparents to give their grandkids?  Of course, we’d think so.  But we’ve gotten some interesting takes on this from other grandparents.

Like the fact the Hanukkah kits are gift-ready — meaning that the kits are easy to give.  Today, I heard someone say that the kit is really a gift for the whole family (parents and grandkids), so they could simplify gift-giving.

One idea I really liked was from a grandma who said that the Hanukkah kits are a party in a box.  With this kit, you’re ready for a party.  What tickled me was that a 6-year-old customer said the same thing:  “I want to have a party with my Hanukkah kit!”  Whenever grandma and granddaughter are in synch, that’s good!


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