Shabbat In a Mason Jar

New way to celebrate Jewishly

With huge thanks to Alissa Mroz for this wonderful post about Shabbat in a Mason Jar.  When I read about the project, I was so intrigued, I asked her to share the concept with us. Thanks, Alissa! Alissa Mroz is on the volunteer leadership team of "The Porch," a young adults and young families Jewish group through Temple Beth El. As a Southern Jew, she likes fried chicken for Shabbat dinner! She is a graduate of the Bernstein Leadership Group and remains active in Charlotte's Jewish community. Think Outside the Box and Inside a Mason Jar! In the South, we are all about the Mason jar!  At … [Read more...]

Re-imagine a More Joyful Shabbat at Home – Down-to-Earth Ideas for Your Family

Is a tiara part of your Shabbat celebration? It could be. (See* below.) How about pizza? Yup, that, too. We all live such busy lives. What a gift it would be to “use” Shabbat to unplug and be more present with our families! As we move past the High Holidays, and as the darkness falls faster, the twinkling lights of Shabbat candles are more welcome – and welcoming – than ever. “Celebrate Shabbat” e-guide for less than $1 Until the end of October, we are offering our downloadable “Celebrate Shabbat: How to Create Joyful Home Traditions” for just $.99 using code OCTOBERSHABBAT at … [Read more...]

What Makes a Dessert Jewish?

I’m a big fan of a monthly magazine called Our State, all about North Carolina – a wonderful home for our family for 16 years. Their February cover set up the challenge “Pie vs. Cake.” Proponents of each side argued their cases for which makes the greatest slice of all time. That reminded me of the latke vs. hamentaschen debates – so popular that they have their own Wikipedia entry! And it made me ponder “what are typically Jewish desserts?” As a child, the only time I had pie was when my Mom had us pick sour cherries from our cherry tree and she made wonderful cherry pies.  So, for me, … [Read more...]

5 Fun Kitchen Activities for a Summer Shabbat

Beautiful Veggies for Shabbat

About this time of the summer, you start seeing articles about how to help your child hang onto math and reading skills over the hot, lazy months. Spending time in the kitchen is the perfect solution. I’m with Grandma’s Briefs blogger Lisa about all the wonderful reasons to bake with your children or grandkids -- from reading recipes to measuring to learning fractions to sequencing. Of her eight top reasons to encourage kitchen time together, my three favorites are: Encourages creativity Fun for different ages to work together Natural time to tell family stories about favorite … [Read more...]

Create Your Tzedakah Tradition

Sharing with community

Is a tzedakah box important?  As Sophie commented in our last blog, “Physical objects matter; they carry memories and stories.” So how can your tzedakah box carry memories? Through the object itself, yes. More important, through the concept of sharing -- and of how you bring it to life in your family. Make your tzedakah box Even though I love our new tzedakah box, you certainly don’t need to purchase one. In fact, you can make a tzedakah box from a tissue box. Want something more durable? Try this tzedakah box made from a recycled container with a lid, courtesy of … [Read more...]