Hanukkah Fun Buys

Looking to jazz up your home for Hanukkah? Here are a few pieces of Judaica that make me smile. The first candle of Hanukkah is Saturday, December 24th. Pop Art Dreidels  I discovered Rabbi Yitzchok Moully’s pop art collection at a recent URJ convention. What struck me immediately is the strong use of bold, vibrant colors. Several of the pieces are specifically holiday-themed, including the dreidel art (with a stack of gelt in the lower right-hand corner), hamentashen art (with one bagel half in the lower right-hand corner!), and apple art (with honey in the lower right-hand … [Read more...]

From Jewish Holidays In A Box – Thank You!

As 2015 winds down, we hope you have a little time to rest before the new year starts. And we send sincere thanks to you for a great year of sharing thoughts and ideas! Thanks, also, to: Devante with KellysThoughtsOnThings for their kind review of our Hanukkah Bingo Game. Jordan E. Rosenfeld for inviting us to contribute to her piece on RewireMe.com called “How to Celebrate Interfaith Holidays.” Lisa Carpenter with Grandmas Briefs for her lovely review of our Hanukkah Bingo Game. ReformJudaism.org for publishing our article, “How I Try to Create Jewish Memories for my … [Read more...]

Two Memorable DIY Hanukkah Gifts

Make a personalized calendar as a DIY Hanukkah gift

At his 5-year-old birthday, Jake shared with us that he did not love getting clothes as presents. Duly noted. So when we bought him and his brother back-to-school clothes, I promised that their Hanukkah gifts would not be mostly clothes! Make a personalized calendar Of course, toys are high on their wish lists, especially as they get older and know what Sam and Ben and their other buddies have at home. But our boys also love the photographic calendars I make for them. They make the perfect Hanukkah presents – because they last all year, they’re unique, and they help with reading, … [Read more...]

The Dot – #JewishBookFun4Kids – #6

Rosh Hashanah art can begin with dots!

The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds, was a discovery for me that sparked an instant passion. Thanks to our reading specialist daughter, Laura Pajor, for knowing that I’d totally groove on the idea. And I’ve been saving it to share until before Rosh Hashanah, because there’s a great tie-in with the holiday. In this story, little Vashti was sitting glumly in art class, with a blank sheet of paper in front of her. She was sure that she could not draw. At first, her teacher tried to jolly her along. Then she said something that made all the difference: “Just make a mark and see where it … [Read more...]

Rosie Revere Engineer – #JewishBookFun4Kids – #4

Jewish values, adam yehidi nivrah

Rosie Revere Engineer, written by Andrea Beauty and illustrated by David Roberts, was totally new to me, until our reading specialist daughter, Laura Pajor, mentioned it. And now, I’m crazy about it. It’s written in comfortable verse (not forced, not over simplified). “This is the story of Rosie Revere,                               who dreamed of becoming a great engineer.” Little Rosie wants to build amazing things. So during the day, she looks in the trash for bits and pieces she can use in her creations. At night, she makes “gadgets and gizmos,” which she tucks under her bed, so that no … [Read more...]