A Personal Journey into Intermarriage

A story of intermarriage and Jewish continuity

Intermarriage is a word that can be freighted with lots of emotion. “Did she marry a Jew?” “Are they raising the kids Jewish?” “Is he going to convert?” Jane Larkin shares her personal journey in “From Generation to Generation: A story of intermarriage and Jewish continuity.” In the process, she offers us much to think about, regardless of our own family’s configurations. And she gives the kinds of intimate details that help us truly grasp her reality. Like the dread she felt on awakening one morning and realizing that she had chosen the wrong husband, for the wrong reasons (the first … [Read more...]

Re-imagine a More Joyful Shabbat at Home – Down-to-Earth Ideas for Your Family

Is a tiara part of your Shabbat celebration? It could be. (See* below.) How about pizza? Yup, that, too. We all live such busy lives. What a gift it would be to “use” Shabbat to unplug and be more present with our families! As we move past the High Holidays, and as the darkness falls faster, the twinkling lights of Shabbat candles are more welcome – and welcoming – than ever. “Celebrate Shabbat” e-guide for less than $1 Until the end of October, we are offering our downloadable “Celebrate Shabbat: How to Create Joyful Home Traditions” for just $.99 using code OCTOBERSHABBAT at … [Read more...]

Up to 40% Off Hanukkah Sale

Celebrate Hanukkah

We are launching our biggest sale of the year -- up to 40% off our Hanukkah gifts & games!   Everything in the store is on sale! When you're making your list, don't forget:  Presents for the grandkids, including kids away at college or in their 20s  Hanukkah Games Boxes as gifts to the host of the parties you're going to Hanukkah Boxes if you're traveling to spend time with family - they'll love playing Hanukkah Bingo and Dreidel, too!  Hanukkah Thank you notes -- to help your children understand the concept of gratitude One teacher told me she used our … [Read more...]

Celebrating Our Unique Paths

Each path is unique

Last week, I enjoyed a warm, spirited conversation with a mid-30s mom who, along with her husband and children, is thinking about converting to Judaism. She is reading and exploring and learning. As we spoke, it hit me again how different our paths are -- of the people in my synagogue and even in my extended family. And that there is no such thing as the “right” or “perfect” path. What would perfect look like, anyway?  My husband was raised very traditionally (in the Conservative Judaism world); I was not. In that spirit, when I found this funny blog post by Estelle Sobel Erasmus, I … [Read more...]

Are You a Nature Jew?

At the ocean

My husband doesn’t like sitting in synagogue.  Often, on the high holidays, he announces that he’s going to pray on the water (i.e., go fishing). While that’s said tongue-in-cheek, I’ve been reading more about the nature-Judaism connection lately. The feeling is very strong for me.  Is it for you?  Maybe it came from summers spent outdoors at Jewish camps or from picking pears on kibbutz in Israel.  Or maybe from camping trips with my family or feeling the hush in Muir Woods in California. Until recently, I didn’t know specific prayers to honor these moments of discovery and awe.  But … [Read more...]