Tips for Intergenerational Cooking

Hanukkah kitchen fun

With huge thanks to Shayna Marmar of for this wonderful post about bringing the generations together in the kitchen!   It is as sweet as sufganiyot when loved ones can be together during holiday celebrations. Chanukah lends itself to intergenerational quality time, yet sometimes it can be challenging to find an activity that appeals to a mixed-age crowd. Cooking is a meaningful and fun way to unite children and adults of all ages. Set up a table for a small group with all needed supplies and ingredients. This includes a small trash bowl if needed, dishtowels for wiping … [Read more...]

Last-Minute Hanukkah DIY Gifts

Make Hanukkah gifts with your kids

Want to give the kids the joy of creating presents for friends and family? Think simple, loving, homemade.  (Did I mention simple??) Here are three ideas: Fill glass jars with goodies If you save jelly jars, you’re in luck. Or you can pick some jars up at a hobby store. Depending on their size and shape, fill them with: Mixed candies Hot cocoa mix Mini cookies Homemade jam Honey Individual spices (e.g., cinnamon sticks or bay leaves) Spice mix (with recipe ideas that go with that kind of spice mix) One year, a friend gave me ingredients to make my own oatmeal cookies. … [Read more...]

Hanukkah in the Kitchen – Easy Ideas for Little Hands

Make Hanukkah breakfast extra fun

If you’re like me, you might think it’s hard to find fun Hanukkah kitchen activities for little ones – but that is only if you think about fried foods (like latkes and doughnuts). Even cut-out Hanukkah cookies take some dexterity. But, then, aha! I realized that there are so many options. First, I discovered edible dreidels, thanks to Joanna Brichetto. I’ve made them with little kids and Sisterhood ladies. I don’t know who had more fun. Edible menorah – dessert style Then, I realized that we could quickly make a menorah that we could eat. Doughnut menorah: This version isn’t even … [Read more...]

Black Friday Specials & Hanukkah in Motion

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite part of all holidays is celebrating with the little ones. If there’s laughter and mess and happy noise, so much the better! Here are two easy ideas to keep your kids out of their chairs and in motion out during Hanukkah celebrations in your home. Warning: if you're prone to headaches around loudness, you might rethink the first idea!   Hanukkah parade If your crew needs to work out excess energy before family dinner, invite everyone to participate in a Hanukkah parade. Crank up some upbeat Hanukkah tunes (like The Maccabeats Candlelights), hand … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Miracle – Celebrate Olive Oil

This summer, an old friend visited and brought us tangy Meyer lemon-infused olive oil as a hostess gift. A few months later, when that bottle was empty, I discovered a new gourmet shop in our town with flavored olive oils. All of this reinforced my wish to elevate olive oil in our family as the stuff of which the Hanukkah miracle was made. I’ve felt guilty about not doing enough about this in years past. Really? Jewish guilt about oil? Well, a little. Like lots of families, we use candles in our menorahs . . . but that doesn’t help underscore the miracle of the oil, lasting and … [Read more...]