Two Memorable DIY Hanukkah Gifts

Make a personalized calendar as a DIY Hanukkah gift

At his 5-year-old birthday, Jake shared with us that he did not love getting clothes as presents. Duly noted. So when we bought him and his brother back-to-school clothes, I promised that their Hanukkah gifts would not be mostly clothes! Make a personalized calendar Of course, toys are high on their wish lists, especially as they get older and know what Sam and Ben and their other buddies have at home. But our boys also love the photographic calendars I make for them. They make the perfect Hanukkah presents – because they last all year, they’re unique, and they help with reading, … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Gift of Music For You

box of Hanukkah games

Wow! Rabbi Judy Caplan Ginsburgh is offering us the special Hanukkah present of a 50% discount on her lovely CD, “Boker Tov, Laila Tov.” Translation: Good Morning, Good Night. With 19 favorite Hebrew, English and Yiddish songs for families, the CD features a host of upbeat, playtime, energizing songs, like Kum Bachur Atzayl (Wake Up, Lazy Boy), and softer, slower songs, including a truly beautiful version of Shalom Rav. The insert includes the words, which I find incredibly helpful. My faves? An upbeat version of Bim Bam (Shabbat welcome song), Hokey Pokey Hebrew Style (I think my … [Read more...]

My Hanukkah Gift to You

Learn Hanukkah basics, Hanukkah story, Hanukkah foods, Hanukkah decorations

Yes! We are just a month away from Hanukkah 2015! As my thank you for the pleasure of your company on our JewishHolidaysInABox journey, I’m giving away our Celebrate Hanukkah: How to Light Up Your Holiday (regularly $4.97). And if you are already an old pro with celebrating Hanukkah, download the e-book to pass along to a friend who might value it. You will learn how to get the most family fun out of this eight-night festival, along with five-minute ways to decorate your home with Hanukkah spirit using materials you already have. Learn how to: Answer questions about Hanukkah … [Read more...]

Creating a Joy Jar

Joy and Judaism

I love discovering that the traditions we create as a family are so easily embraced by our grandchildren. After Jake (5) and Caleb (3) helped me create a Joy Jar, they mentioned it to a cousin, with a tone that said, “well, everyone has a Joy Jar, right?” So what is a Joy Jar? Think of it as another method -- like photographs and videos -- for capturing fleeting memories and precious sayings. Want to know more about the place of joy in Judaism? Check out this article called Joydaism by Michael Mantell, Ph.D. He notes that there are 10 different Hebrew words that have to do with joy and … [Read more...]

The Bible in Rhyme

The Bible in Rhyme

I was totally intrigued by a series of books written by author/poet Marcia Goldlist about the Bible in Rhyme, including "Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme."  Here are a few of the verses, to give you a flavor: Then, in the sky, God put shining lights  To separate days from nights, And also to be signs, For the days, years and holidays of all kinds.  The shining lights with the brightest rays Would be in charge of days, While the one with dimmer light Would be in charge of night. A big thanks to Marcia for this post.   Every week we are lucky enough to … [Read more...]