Wrestling with New vs. “Old” Hamentaschen

Purim cookiesI’m not talking about the hamentaschen vs. latke debates. There’s no question – choose both!

What concerns me is my attitude toward hamentaschen.

Can I expand my narrow view? Can I be truly open to new recipes?

Since I generally only eat hamentaschen once a year, why would I want to deviate from my favorite (mohn – poppyseed) for myself and hubby or more kid-friendly versions (e.g., jelly-filled, chocolate-filled, Nutella-filled) for our little ones?

Purim Clock 2015

I admit. I am incredibly drawn to some of the newer options.

Like these mint chocolate hamentaschen, drizzled with chocolate from the fabulous Amy Kritzer.

Savory – really?

Then there’s the whole world of savory hamentaschen. Why would I want to go there? Hmm. So that I could have a triangle delight (or two) at lunch – and still have a “real” hamentasch for dessert.

Here, also from Amy Kritzer, is her recipe for Savory Caramelized Onion Hamentaschen. You can’t say goat cheese and onions without my being intrigued.

Renowned author Leah Koenig apparently has a whole section in her new cookbook about hamentaschen, with selected recipes shared by Adeena Sussman in the February/March issue of Hadassah Magazine.

Scroll down to find her recipe for Sweet Potato-Parmesan Hamentaschen.

Or, if you get waylaid at the chocolate-poppyseed hamentaschen recipe, I would certainly understand. That one mixes poppy seeds, dried apricots, lemon juice, orange juice, chocolate, vanilla, lemon zest . . . How would it not be wonderful!

Attitude adjustment

OK. I’ve decided. If I’m baking alone, I can go crazy, go savory, go new-fangled. If I’m baking with little hands, I’ll still choose what I think they will like best and what will be most successful for their ages. Done.

Where are you with the “new” hamentaschen? What’s your fave? Fill out our quickie survey and we’ll share the results 🙂

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