What Are Your 2014 Hanukkah Stories?

Chanukah Banner
So what happened in your home for Hanukkah?

Every year is unique – different people, different gatherings, different moments.

For the past three years, we’ve gotten groups together to make the fun Happy Hanukkah Banner (shown above). This banner had the loving touch and creative inspiration of five different artists.

We had a wilder-than-usual Hanukkah party one evening, with lots of laughter and a great deal of running around.

On the plus side

We discovered:

  • Yes, 2-year-olds can play both dreidel and Hanukkah Bingo and have fun!
  • Yes, 9-year-olds who are brand new to Hanukkah can play both dreidel and Hanukkah Bingo and have fun!
  • Yes, even non-English speaking guests can play both dreidel and Hanukkah Bingo and have fun!
  • Homemade applesauce was a huge hit and I should make even more next year.

On the try-again side

  • The sweet potato latkes we made to cut down on grease did not come out as hoped and took a whole lot longer to bake, interrupting the flow of dinner. They were delicious when they were done. But we’ll be looking for a new recipe. Any faves you can share? OR – maybe we’ll just go back to the traditional ones.
  • We do give small gifts, which can be fun. But, after we lit candles, we were crammed into too small a space for the number of people – and it seemed like a free-for-all. We’ll try to work that out better next year.

Please share your stories here or on our Facebook page.

Final Hanukkah markdowns

We’ve got small quantities of each of these left, so we’ve slashed prices:

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