Up to 40% Off Hanukkah Sale

Celebrations Made Simple!We are launching our biggest sale of the year — up to 40% off our Hanukkah gifts & games!

  Everything in the store is on sale!

When you’re making your list, don’t forget:

  •  Presents for the grandkids, including kids away at college or in their 20s
  •  Hanukkah Games Boxes as gifts to the host of the parties you’re going to
  • Hanukkah Boxes if you’re traveling to spend time with family – they’ll love playing Hanukkah Bingo and Dreidel, too!
  •  Hanukkah Thank you notes — to help your children understand the concept of gratitude

One teacher told me she used our Hanukkah in a Box to teach three whole lessons about Hanukkah to her school!

A midwest family was tickled to have the opportunity to learn about Hanukkah: “Our family tries really hard to teach our children about traditions other than our own.”

Another played Hanukkah Bingo with three generations — the mama, her daughter, and the grandparents. And they had a blast!

Does your family celebrate Christmas, but you have Jewish family coming to stay with you? With a Hanukkah Games Box, you can all share your holiday traditions!

Want to see what families who have used our boxes are thinking? Check out the lovely blog posts here.

P.S. I sold at a Judaica fair yesterday. I love to see the light in the kids’ eyes as they spot things they really want, like the Hanukkah Bingo. My favorite line was from the 7-year-old who asked, “What? You put Hanukkah in a Box?!”

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