Tzedakah Box for Shabbat

Judaica for an old and honored traditionWhat do young adults want to help them celebrate Shabbat? According to a recent survey: Kiddush cups. Not what was expected.

Hearing about this survey, Jewish studies high school teacher Sophie Rapoport said, “It’s a good reminder for us that physical objects matter; they carry memories and stories.”

I agree. When I set the Seder table with the fading Afikomen cover, tie-dyed by our daughter long ago, we see the little girl who first brought it home with pride – and remember past celebrations with joy.

Tzedakah box collects coins and memories

So when I searched for a new tzedakah box, I wanted something that would carry memories. Given the sweet (rambunctious) little boys in our lives, I also wanted to find something unbreakable – and that wouldn’t crush anyone’s toe if dropped.

When I saw this cheerful box, with the slot for coins at the tippy top of the roof, I was sold.

Last week, I received my Yair Emanuel House Tzedakah Box with Jerusalem Depictions, all the way from Israel.

Hoping it was sturdy enough to make the long journey safely, I carefully opened the blue box emblazoned with a gold design (pomegranate, I think) with the name Emanuel in Hebrew and English on it. Tucked inside, wrapped gently in bubble wrap, was this festive tzedakah box that made me smile.

Beautiful Judaica for an important tradition

Turning it around slowly to enjoy each part of the artwork, I discovered its cute little door, with the word Tzedakah (in Hebrew) under the door. A little metal latch opens to allow you to take out the coins.

An accompanying card says that artist Yair Emanuel lives and works in Jerusalem and that each wooden article is “hand-painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered.” Ah, that’s why the colors are so vibrant and happy.

Before the tzedakah box, though, comes the concept of tzedakah.

Next week: Create Your Tzedakah Tradition


Do you have a tzedakah box?

What special memories does it carry for you?

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    • Ellen says

      I’m so glad you asked, Dawn! Your comment is a perfect lead-in to next week’s post. You’ll find several DIY ideas there, along with ways to create your family’s tzedakah tradition — outside the box. Thanks 🙂

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