The Sounds of Hanukkah

Congrats to Taryn M,  winner of night eight of our Hanukkah Surprise Packs!

She gets the menorah cut-and-color activity, designed so that even the littlest hands can help “light” the menorah. (Available in Hanukkah Games Box and Hanukkah in a Box.)  Thanks to everyone who played – and congrats to everyone who won!  Not yet on our list for free holiday info and discount codes? Sign up now at to join our mailing list.

Beyond the classics: great music videos

Ready for some joyous Hanukkah sounds – with videos that also tell the Hanukkah story?  Look for the Hanukkah symbols so neatly woven into these videos.  (I see more every time I watch them.)  You’ll see dreidels (including a soccer ball-turned-dreidel), jelly doughnuts, and lots of menorahs (see how many you can count).

Bookmark the ones you like for your Hanukkah gatherings:

This is my hands-down fave, because I love the song. Our grandson thinks it’s a hoot when the guy takes a bite of his jelly doughnut and some of the jelly falls on his shirt. There are also lovely shots of lots of dreidels spinning.

This video has a funny latke-flipping classroom snippet, as well as a scene where actress Mayim Bialik lights the menorah with her children.

In the “Light Up the Night” video, listen for these Hebrew words from the song Al Hanissim (For the Miracles):

 Al hanissim, v’al hapurkan . . . bayamim hahem baz’man hazeh.

For the miracles and the deliverance, in those days at this time.

 If you enjoy language sleuthing, see where some of these words are in the key Hanukkah blessings.

This video starts traditional, then moves into a hip-hop feel.

Our Tent Keeps Expanding

 One benefit of building the Jewish Holidays in a Box community is connecting with people and media outlets that we’d probably never have discovered otherwise.

We are grateful to:

  •  Wired  for their article “Unboxing Hanukkah in a Box” November 30, 2012
  • Musings on Motherhood for their blog post, “Celebrating Hanukkah Out of the Box,” about their experience using Hanukkah In a Box. “If you have kids or planned nights with the grandparents, you need to get this NOW.”

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